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Welcome back to starting nine. The one amber is coming to a close October. I can smell it in the air. I'm just supposed to say that I don't actually smell it in the air. There was one day this week that it was. Series. I smelled pump haven't dipped into the pumpkin beer yet. I feel like that's probably that's probably this weekend type deal. I had my I had my first basic bitch. I think two weeks ago. Remember you how lovable you were a course. I was blown away. My lips haven't forgotten that flavor, and I can't wait for hit my lips once again, that's when you know follows the fall. Classic is right around the corner. I- jeered I can smell it and I can taste. I am like having trouble sleeping at night mostly mostly last night more more so than other nights because we have David Ortiz on the show today through story. I that brought me back to my childhood not because I was going to talk to David Ortiz because it reminded me of like, you know, seven years old the night before Christmas when you're like, I don't know if I'm gonna. Fuck. It's like, how do you sleep tonight? I just want to wake up and I just want it to be the next. Day, and I want to enjoy this next day that I know is going to be awesome. That's what we got for you today at an interview, David Ortiz, and I wanna take this time right now to thank poppy. You wanna talk about a physical feet. We saw his career unfold, Jared, right before our eyes. Yeah, many physical feats achieved. I think the most incredible feat achieved was him able to walk around the entire barstool headquarters with you dangling from his testicles. If I don't care how Dallas there. This is the one guy that I'll let you have this stance on because we had this discussion before star recording there. There's no bigger. There's no bigger name for me in life, not just in sports. David Ortiz is a walking legend to me and I don't care if if the Red Sox for the rest of my entire life, I'm twenty nine right now. Hopefully I live to be like fifty four. That's with you in that checking out a five. Yeah. And that's in those span of years. If the Red Sox happened to win like five World Series titles in a row and they have the superstar player like he's never going to mean more to me than David Ortiz. Us ever true even asked you. I posed this question. I'll pose it again for the listeners. Let's say. Ellen. David Ortiz are hanging off the side of the cliff. Yeah, and they're both dangling from a rope, Jared, you've got two arms. Excuse me, all even throw Jenna in there for you trying to figure out a way that I could force you to have to choose between David Ortiz and your mother, but you having two arms and two. So Jenna, your mother and David Ortiz are hanging off the edge all from a rope. You've only got two arms. Who do you save? It was a no brainer. I'm saving my mom and I'm saving David Ortiz and all right peach. Yeah, I feel like she would understand, like I feel like you would as she was like falling. She kinda shrug and be like, yeah, I mean, you know, saw coming. Yeah, like it wouldn't be that moment and like The Lion King with like squaw are in Moosa. Yeah, we're clause in his hand and he's just like, throws him off and there's like some shock and there's like anger as he's falling my sister, it'd be like, Arul it's, you know, it's not good. Yeah, that's that's how it will go down. So yeah, that's pretty much it. This was a big day for me. This is a big day for me. I'm glad you got to live it in the flesh. My friend, Yasser. Thank you. This is longtime. The rocket has never burned. Brighter. He's burning today. Yeah, I feel I feel like I'm glowing feel like I'm walking on the sunshine. Yeah, you're walking walking on the sun walked. So now we talk about that band here. Walking on sunshine. That's the song and I'm trying to hear. Okay. All right. Yeah..

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