Taliban, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jack Holden discussed on Kevin McCullough Radio


With SORA news. I'm Baal Agnew. We in Washington hears embassy in Afghanistan is warning that extremist groups are planning attacks against a variety of targets but taking specific aimed at women. The warning didn't specify which organizations were plotting the attacks. But this comes as the Taliban and government appointed negotiators are sitting together for the first time they're trying to find a peaceful end to decades of relentless war. A Taliban spokesman has denied his group is planning any such attacks. The peace negotiations began last weekend, and they're in the initial stages. And his correspondent Andrew Stewart, reporting even as they deal with a host of wildfires in Western states. More tropical wheather is of concern and further over to the eastern part of the country. Hurricane Sally left some people on the Gulf Coast cut off by flood was until they could be rescued by teams and boats and high water vehicles. Meanwhile, 84 year old Jack Holden was almost flooded, says he let out a piercing whistle when he spotted a fire. Fire her on a jetski anymore you got and that's what made you stop put a soul that made a layover stone. He went through there about 50, miles, home owners and businesses along the soggy Gulf Coast. We're cleaning up even as the second round of flooding took shape along rivers and creeks swollen by the storms. Very heavy rains, the Supreme Court said to start its new term next month, same way it ended the last one with arguments by telephone because of the Corona virus, pandemic and live audio available to the public. 87 year old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being treated for cancer and five of her colleagues. Also age 65 or older. The court is taking no chances that putting the justices in close proximity to each other might make them more vulnerable.

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