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I'm just selfishly curious to see what this guy looks like out on the field. Yeah exactly exactly. I just wanna see how he does. I want to see how he's gonna look on this team. The potential that he has the preseason is a chance for a guy like ellison smith to just run free and work out some of the kinks and go out there and make mistakes. He can't go out there and make mistakes during the season. He needs to be on top of his stuff and he's going to be a lot more tightly controlled in important situations. Preseason is the time to let those guys loose and we're sadly not going to get the opportunities to see what is if you throw in get. Area's tony three of the top draft. Picks from this past class so a bit disappointing. But what's not disappointing. Is getting to see this giants offense in a more expanded light. Then we saw in the first game offensive line. Hopefully we get to see a little bit more from them. Hopefully they're protecting daniel jones. I think we'll get a real sense of how good this offensive line can be in. Twenty twenty one and some answers might be given to us on the big question mark of ken. This offensive line play cohesively. Can they do better than last year. Going against a group. That is very very talented defensively. Even if they don't use all of their starters and they're big name dudes. They're still going to have their talented backups. On the field so there will be competition when the starters are out there and fighting it out that speaking of the browns with their defense. I i have been looking. I have not seen any indication either way just as sitting here recording whether jude avian clowney and myles garrett will play for the giants sake. I hope they do play because they need that kind of a test. Getting andrew thomas Matched against myles garrett and clowney you Especially if they are healthy when it doesn't really matter that could be huge for them your member back to the browns game. Last year garrett was not himself yeah he he had himself a good game but he still wasn't himself. He was still recovering from cova. We haven't seen clowney healthy in a while and having the two of them go up to the giants book ends yet. That could be really good. Learning experience for them for a two young tackles and also good measuring stick of where they are in their development in the one positive sign that i have seen so far today. Is that shane. Lemieux is out there working. He's working with the starting offensive line. So right now fingers crossed the giants will have their starting offensive line available For the start of this game whether or not they go against the browns starters all of their starters or starters some depth. They should get a pretty good workout either way. Yeah if you just take a quick glance at their depth tack. Mckinley is the current listed. Backup for myles garrett. Now that's not saying tack. Mckinley won't be on the field the same time that garrett is but that's probably how we're going to see more of in this game is going to be a little bit more of cares mckinley sheldon days also a tough. Sob in the interior. Curtis weaver is a talented guy. Tummy tone guy who is a a rookie. And also marvyn wilson. This is a good group that is going to come out. And if the giants offensive line isn't ready off the rip. They could get punched in the mouth pretty early. Hopefully we have some positive signs and we can have a little bit more confidence going into the third. Preseason game that we see them at least be able to move the football down the field with daniel jones in the game with the full starting off. It's of line going against at least seventy five percent of the starters From the browns just at least in the first few series now chris. I'm also going to keep bringing this up on a weekly basis until we have some more certainty on it. But i i need to know more about this backup offensive line group. I i need to figure out who can stay and who needs to get ditched and and sent somewhere else because last week it basically was all there was no confidence that you can have in any of those guys because of how poorly the played in the second half of the game so i need to see more from them. That is one thing that i'm going to be watching super closely. And i can guarantee we're going to bring it up on the post game pot and then the breakdown pod a couple of days later is how the heck are they going to look and how well they perform because that is such a big issue right. Now is the depth on the offense applying. That is definitely a big concern. I that should be a concern for just about everything. But it's of particular concern for the giants because other than murphy. I didn't really see any of the giants depth players that i would feel really comfortable to see. Run out there you. Maybe maybe if made solar had played in the backup there with the backups. There would have been two guys but that that's still not a whole lot of Of comfort there. Now maybe we should also be keeping an eye on the browns reserve lineman. They do have a good starting offensive line if they can have if they can find themselves making a difficult cut at the back end of their offensive line. You'll maybe some somebody that giants could put it in a waiver claim for there are some decent names on the back end and they've got a young group so they're probably going to have to cut some of their their backup veterans and and they're probably one of the more better built also deeper offense of lines in the nfl. So i'm sure that the giants will be closely monitoring that now you also made note of how we're going to see these giants receivers face up against this secondary for the cleveland browns. The browns secondary and we. We probably won't see a ton from greedy williams and denzel award but this is also another very deep group. Their defense is stupidly deep. Like they drafted greg newsom who's super talented. And he's not even listed as a starting corner and he's listed as backup behind greedy williams. So we're going to get to see a talented rookie. Rookie and greg newsom matching up against some of these rotational receivers. Just off of the guys. That i named that are inactive. We're not going to really see a lot of the starting receivers. But we should see a little sterling. Shepard we'll get to see. Cj board again. How does he look in in even more of an opportunity to to show office capabilities. I really wanna see dante pettus. David sills again. I want to see what they can do..

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