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Your opportunity to give your two cents on the proposal march twenty second at pasadena city college of the foothill campus on fidel boulevard from six thirty eight o'clock at night and then on march twenty eight marshall fundamental school library building on alan avid north alan avenue so they're still opportunities for you to get your voice heard and for people to lose their minds why it is that you would think that reducing the lanes of traffic is going to improve the quality of life there is is as a frustrating thing and it's a proof that too many of these people are out of touch when it comes to this what's actually going on at a street level to use a appropriate or are coming back did you know that when your college student becomes an intern on capitol hill they have to sign a nondisclosure agreement did you know that when you go to vegas with michelle you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement that is not true ejido now i have a copy of my goodness we'll we'll talk about what happens in congress stays in congress coming up next on the bill handel show carry hoffman in for handled today jennifer jones lease in the newsroom what's up a delegation of highranking south koreans has arrived in north korea for a twoday visit including a meeting with kim jongun it is the highest level south korean group to visit the north and more than a decade and the trips expected to include talks about how to improve north korea and the us speaking terms a united nations humanitarian convoys a town near damascus where more than six hundred says syrian civilians have been killed in just two weeks but the syrian government stripped the convoy of many medical supplies including trauma kitson insulin and an effort is under way to keep the san bernardino mountains clean fell trans recently put up trash bins along several highways in the area the benz ron highways eighteen thirty eight one seventy three and the three thirty officials say people who visit the.

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