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And the book and what we're doing to connect with us on social media you gotta ken coleman dot com andrew and get all kinds of goodness goodness there good content we have three get hired guides that we feature therefore you how to slip you're a resident may so that it's noticed in how to leverage the relationships necessary to make that resonate actually worse something men how to prepare for the interview we teach you and show you how to prepare salute you perform well interview and then finally v touch point timeline how do you follow up after the interview these get hired guides all come from the data calls we have on the ken coleman show and these are free resources there absolutely free pdf there well written easy to follow an extremely practical so those are some free resources along with the book the proximity principle did you can get at ken coleman dot com all right let's go shreen in hawaii shreen talking about how can so i spoke with you 'em before and i wasn't even on their step one but now i'm on the embark h and m i when i created my reza me i finished the book proximity principle of dirty ear when it came out 'em and i just have a few questions for you true since then we decided that nursing what's what the field i was gonna head towards 'cause it was what my what my passion is where my sweet spot and so i took a step out and signed up for classes i got like being on just giving your overall rough kind of what happens on the instructor got injured the profits were put on hold i turned around and i was really bombed actually and i said you know what we can do i kept listen you're fearful i think he wouldn't give up he would keep pursuing this guy in the proximity people that did what i wanna do where jobs opened up applications opened up i went and i spilled out you're reza made the way you said i had no support on that anybody so i wouldn't they wouldn't endorse me they said they didn't know what that was and they don't want so i got one person to endorse v it's just awesome one that's better than none i ended up submitting that reza may i went back into the proximity of the people and another job opportunity opened itself so on dialysis and i actually found out that they actually pay for their dialysis technician to go to a nursing school eventually like oh my gosh just amazing i wouldn't help pay for schooling i would i do i would gather knowledge and all that type of stuff but written on kind of stuck i don't have any medical terminology that i think i would need to get in that basic starter point of it but i am in the proximity of people and i just really lost three out new mean you my my question to you know certain order going to push it might make this is my big thing i'm wondering if i should go to my doctor's office and offer free services because i can offer that right now and volunteer there to just gain more knowledge and have something under my belt saying hey i've been volunteering doing this on my doctor's office so yes super bowl and i'm like okay laundry doing much a medical assistant just cut everything said medical terminology medical terminology i have dna killer and it was years.

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