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Offense of medicine at UCLA please welcome back to the program Dr Kerry be strong interesting thank you so much for taking the time is always we haven't everything connected Dagestan can you hear me everything is connected so doctors from are you there I got a connection here work on yeah it's coming he Dr strong as you know the governor has ordered a stay at home for all forty million people in California is that the appropriate measure well like I said last week we got to take this serious seriously I think I think the bottom line is this in the absence of data we have to prepare for the worst and err on the side of caution about maybe were overreacting or not but we don't know there is an epidemic the Spanish flu in nineteen eighteen it was very similar it was a similar infectivity similar incidence it's not easy that was many years ago we have more technology now but we still don't have a vaccination or a the drug even though some promising data coming out so I think without that people are erring on the side of caution because we just don't have the data we don't know my personal opinion is it's not gonna be as stable as the three and a half percent of the World Health Organization astounding I mean if we look at that we we don't have any data we don't have studies except we have this cruise ship diamond princess cruise that was on in the harbor in Japan and they would let people up there were twenty six hundred passengers and a thousand crew members to be thirty seven hundred people and there was an outbreak on the ship seven hundred tested positive and seven died and a lot of those people on that ship cruising people are elderly so there is an actual data that we have data we have a closed environment we tested everybody in there is a one percent mortality so if you can believe that on to the population of the United States but there's a lot of young healthy people this mortality would probably be much less than that but we don't know it's a new virus so having said that in with this data I think that everybody once they're on the side of caution and like I said in the absence of data you prepare for the worst personally I don't think it's going to be this terrible thing that that is my bias but however you gotta take it very seriously there's some young people younger people adding a selected I told you last time it it mostly affects elderly people in a severe way however all ages are getting afflicted but mostly it's the elderly but until we don't know I think that everybody is walking on eggshells and airing on the side of caution the Spanish flu was sort of a role model because it was a similar virus the dead body bad virus affected young an older son Bradley sixty older people so I can't criticize governor Newsom for doing this I think I think it's excessive my concern and I suppose we get through this is there's gonna be a big fallout from this emotional PTSD you gonna see terrible emotional after problems after we get through this financial it's gonna be big as well so we don't know the future I think it's pretty heavy handed but until there is data we just don't know my guess is doctor Kerry be strong he's in a a gastro neurologist and associate professor of medicine at UCLA Dr I'm still confused about this mask short it's not so much that they've done if there's a mass shortage what about what good they would do if we didn't have a mask shortage I understand that if you have a mask and you have the if you have the virus you can decrease the possibility of putting it to somebody else but if you don't have the virus the massive not going to stop you from contracting it is that right right what when you see people in grocery stores wearing mask is probably doing nothing for them in surgery it will get rid of some of the errors there was a large droplets that are very infectious in this fire is mostly transmitted by by aerosoles coughing service master may help that now you have these respiratory respirator masks ease and ninety fives that are more efficient for healthcare professionals I would say healthcare professional should wear that because the virus particles are very small in a grocery store if people feel better when they were that I went to the store last night with my wife and there's a lot of people wearing masks okay it makes them feel better that's fine it's really not helping all that much so you're right because the mask is very porous and virus particles can get around the side but the chances to get it in a grocery store like that is very very small Dr strong is it true that most people who have the virus have no symptoms well I mean the integration period of this virus is anywhere from zero to fourteen days most people are incubating usually two to five days eighty percent of the population they get this may be very mild or no symptoms at all we don't know that and that's the problem there is a problem because people that are a symptomatic can spread this however I will tell you that most times when people are spreading this is they are infected there are they have something you can make you can you can go ahead and spread this disease if you don't have any symptoms picture and selectivity is lower than if you were symptomatic with a cough and a fever and fever is the most common the most prevalent symptoms most people that have the coronavirus have a state a fever but I will caution your listeners that most respiratory illnesses this time of the year are non corona viruses doctor we only have about forty five seconds left in this segment the CDC is recommending that people disinfect your counters and things that people touch frequently but they also said there's no known case of anybody whose contract at the corona virus from a service like that well I mean that's a very good point it was just an article from the New England journal of medicine and the National Institute of health saying that viruses can live on surfaces for a long time for instance come aboard twenty four hours plastic two to three days steel stainless steel two to three days so I do believe that this virus is more robust than the the different corona viruses.

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