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And make it into a deep coach where he was trapped in fellow firefighters found iverson dead forty minutes later for the california report i'm ted goldberg a federal judge in san francisco is block the trump administration from ending daca was of course as the program that protects young immigrants brought to the us a legally as children the decision last night was the result of a legal challenge brought by california and the university of california system joining me now to discuss this as kqed's marisa lagos live in the studio good morning reset mining dan let's sort of actual ruling judge william also pure in san francisco do not tell the administration that they had to take new applicants but he did rule essentially that the existing daca recipients could be tate could not be taken off the program issued said essentially sounds like alsop says ending in this program will cause them great harm that's right and this is something that you know is set to start happening in march of this year that people could potentially be deported and yet also basically looked at the decision by the trump administration which was not sort of a mirror image of what the obama administration did in terms of like saying we looked at the policy and we don't think that this actually is is a good idea from department homeland security the hold of decision by trump was based on a recommendation by its attorney general the basically said we don't think this is legal and were basing that on a another court case that challenged a separate programme that would have actually affected parents of immigrants and so i think you know it's interesting because you have this daca program that was never actually sort of who didn't make its way to the supreme court in terms of its legality and he's kind of turning around and saying well you guys in follow procedures either jeff sessions attorney general's that it was unconstitutional president trump called this decision by.

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