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Then Miami That is your newest Buffalo bill as the bill selected Roussel with the 30th overall pick last night, the first round of the 2021 NFL draft in Cleveland. Russo was seen by many as one of the top pass rushers in this year's draft class. But he ended up falling to the Bills with the third last pick of the opening round here. So's time in college football was limited as he played just 15 games of the University of Miami, but his 29 Teen season well, he was an electric pass rusher with 15.5 sacks, ranking second in the entire nation on Lee behind Chase Young, who happens to be now with the Washington football team. He did sit out the entire 2020 season, though, as he did opt out of that season due to covert 19 concerns in Get complete details of the pick of South Papa Cho's thoughts and much more available for you at W gr 5 50 dot com That also includes his conference call with the media and Brandon Beans conference call as well. Stay tuned. Russo is going to be joining Howard and Jeremy coming up at 9 40 of this hour. Right here on W gr. As for the rest of the A, F C East, the Jets, the Dolphins and the Patriots all busy making picks in the opening round. The Jets got things started with Zach Wilson being the number two overall pick the quarterback on a BYU. They also traded up to the 14th overall pick to select guard Elijah Vera Taylor, the Dolphins They took wide receiver Jalen Waddle with the sixth overall pick reuniting came with two a tug of my low and they also took Jalen Phillips with the 18th overall pick and the Patriots, they get a quarterback to secure their future under center. They picked up former Alabama quarterback Mack Jones with the 15th overall pick Get a complete recap of every pick made in the opening round of the NFL draft, along with grades that's all available at W gr 5 50 dot com and also on the Odyssey app. Other quarterbacks going the first round yesterday included, of course, Trevor Laurence. Going Number one overall to Jacksonville. Number three was San Francisco where the draft really started. And it ended up being trained Lance from North Dakota State, go into the 40 Niners and then with the 11th pick the Bears trading up nine spots in the draft order to take Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields on the hockey. The sabers were in action last night in Boston, and they managed to tie the game early in the third period of two to, But then it fell apart from their Buffalo losing yesterday. 52 at TD Garden will wrap up their season series tomorrow afternoon with the Bruins in Boston. Piece off tomorrow except for one o'clock with appalling belts. Pregame show starting at noon with Brian Cozy. All right here on WJZ are on one of their hockey note from yesterday. Former sabers Goldie Ryan Miller announced that he will be retiring at the conclusion of this upcoming season after an illustrious 18 year career in the NHL. Actual paddock. Chevrolet Sports update Paddock Chevrolet with you for the extra mile. I'm breaking.

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