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Happy national women for trump day we are going to be joined by a wonderful national woman for trump tanna gertz ten as a businesswoman television store the apprentice and senior advisor and spokesman for the trump 2016 and 2020 campaigns tanna led president trump's campaign efforts in iowa which he won despite the state going twice in a row for barack obama we will discuss the campaign staff shakeups and republican chances in the next election then my favorite international women and finally the mail bag michael knows and this is the michael noshow so much to get to today before i offend every every person in the audience we probably thank our sponsor our sponsor skill sheer skill share is wonderful they help us keep the lights on in this place and it's the perfect tool for 2018 for the modern timing for modern people the michael show is brought to you by skill share which is an online learning platform with over eighteen thousand classes in design business technology and more you can take classes in graphic design social media marketing illustration mobile photography you name it they've got it they've been it's not just i mean i know you think of those those are kind of the main in the industry ones but you you there also classes on time management their classes on hypnosis i think there's a lot of glasses reminds us emily interested in this thing not to help my career but just because it seems interesting to me but of course it's twenty 18 and you are no longer going to work at the mill and for do that for forty years and and get a pension that's not how the economy works anymore you need a lot.

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