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And you're pretty safe when you do. What will we see fifteen or twenty years from now with this generation. If we keep up this technology in your opinion there's clear evidence of trends in With body impacts Particularly with young and and my opinion is if we continue on the path we're doing and we continue adding these new technologies like the five g. Stop talking about it. A bit The trending will continue and you'll see more chronic problems as the us users of to adulthood. I had a guest who is talking about five g couple months ago and he was talking about how five g has been introduced in wuhan china and he says is his belief that he thinks five g has something to do with covid nineteen. I certainly don't believe that and let me tell you why. Let me tell you why when you use a cell phone. A laptop router. They all suppress your immune system and so There is a correlation to immune Because of that suppression Not the virus but not the virus bugs bugs and viruses of bacteria and viruses. Love our f- They propagate more so with exposure. Then if they don't have that exposure so you're immune system is being compromised anyway but five g will never create a virus it will only exacerbate the virus and in fact believe it or not the five g everyone talks about is all sub six gig. Its its lowest stuff. It's not the real high stuff the higher stuff up at twenty gigahertz and up to ninety gigahertz. That's where there's been literally no study word. We literally don't know what the impact will be because there is no scientific evidence of research that can give us an indication of what we should expect the human body but most all of five g that's been deployed is all subjects or below six gigahertz which has been around for twenty years. Daniel could these. Ems be contributing to people's anxiety and instability in mental issues. So so. I love that question because remember we. I talked about the breakdown of a cell. We didn't talk too much. But i i mentioned it can cause cancer. And and there's a two percent frontal lobe increase over over the last ten years so that those facts I'm not worried about that stuff. I'm more worried about the biological impacts particularly neurological physiological Suicidal y- yeah. There's an that there's depression and guess what. There's a huge concentration in the schools. For example which i find quite disturbing because i wrote an article about Guns in the classroom years ago. I i There's a colleague Out of The uk dr berry try our. He designed guns for the us to the uk Our f guns. And so he was going around talking about how when you bring You are Our s router at two dot four and five six gigahertz these the signal rates. We used in these guns but we used higher amplitude and we know for sure it impacts how the body functions george So havana The embassy right. Yes think to that. Right when i when i heard that argument that there was some problems down there i. I laughed because i knew exactly what it was that there was there was direct focus of rf signals being focused towards the Embassy in fact. I've actually seen the research as a result of that and i. I have a colleague that was part of the study of that All of that evidence and there was pretty conclusive evidence. No question about it. Well could the rfk. Daniel have been emitting from the embassy with their own equipment. They were being bombarded right. There's a and the reason. I know that is because the amplitude levels have to be higher And it's unlikely that they would generate that kind of thing within the buildings when it must have been an enormous pulse to cause that kind of illness to these people that quickly no question about it. There's no that was a back varies. Dr barry's conclusion. That was his conclusion. What was it being done in your opinion to test to see if it can work or did they really wanna hurt. These people georgia's been around for thirty years berry berry started his worth thirty years ago. He's been around for thirty years. It's been used by the military for thirty years. So what do we do to stop this You know one of the things I talk about is You're you're an octavian destiny you you need to be aware of your environment and you need to make sure that you control the devices that are around you as well as you can as well as you. Because i don't think people are gonna throw them away. I mean i couldn't go through a day without my cell phone with me. Because i get too many messages and texts. You know. i knew my sons weren't gonna throw the laptop away my cell phone away for the very reasons you just had asked people one one night daniel couple years ago to spend one day not taking their phone with them. Just leave it at home and you know just go and do your thing and i would emails from people saying i did it for two hours. I had to go back home and get.

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