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All. Good year. More driven. So Ryan McGee, this is the part of the show where I typically declare that I have another story I want the listener to know about, but I actually want you to do that job for me because you are also you contain multitudes as well. You are also our F one Formula One racing correspondent and the grand finale to this racing season is happening on Sunday and F one, obviously do the Netflix series, drive to survive and all of the drama we've seen this season. It does feel like there's a bigger footprint for this sport in America and the Internet. Then we've ever seen. So where are we on the temperature check of this sport that you also love? It has been no hyperbole needed here. One of the greatest, if not the greatest driver versus driver one two showdown in the history of the sport. Max Verstappen, 24 years old, a son of Yas, his father, who raced forever, been going to the racetrack his whole life scared of nothing, intimidated, by nothing. For the first time on U.S. soil, Max Verstappen wins the U.S. Grand Prix. Yes, guys. And then Lewis Hamilton, the old guy, right? In his late 30s now. That is the checkered flag as the winner of the Spanish Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton who strengthens his grip then at the top of the table. They go in to the season finale. In Abu Dhabi this weekend, even in points. Winner take all. The highest finisher wins the championship. It is so rare to have seen this in any form of motor sport. If you had gone to anyone who covers motor sports in October and said that Lewis Hamilton could finish the season on a winning streak that would win this championship and overcome a seemingly at the time instrumental points lead, you just laughed. And here we are. It's almost as if the guys won 7 championships with more races than any job in the history. Right? And that's the part of it is fascinating is for stopping such a cocky kid and I mean that as a compliment. Race car drivers need to be that. But it's in his head a little bit now, the way these races have been going down and Lewis Hamilton is the grizzled old veteran now. As hard as it is for me to say, as someone who's covered him forever, but it could potentially be the greatest final race showdown in the history of Formula One. And I'm here for all of it. I also love how this sport takes us to Abu Dhabi and in order to understand what's about to happen in this all time showdown in Abu Dhabi this weekend. We also need to go back to what happened last weekend in Saudi Arabia. There's a real Carmen sandiego vibe whenever I talk to you about the sport McGee. So what happened there because this feud, this blood feud now between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, it was also at the forefront last weekend. Yeah, and honestly, this happened in the last two races. For folks who watch IndyCar racing, another open wheel sport, the rules are different. You know, in Formula One, there's a team of stewards. This group will make a call in the middle of a race and say, you raced him too hard there, or you were blocking him here, or there are certain ways that you should drive through certain corners on these racetracks. In Brazil, Lewis Hamilton attempted to go around or stop and stop him brake checking. Here goes Lewis Hamilton. He was last at the start of the sprint. He's trying to take the lead from Verstappen, but he is false wide by Verstappen. I've been stopping himself. Has to go off the track. If Verstappen drive Hamilton off the track. I do. They didn't run into him, but Mercedes will think that. And later on, Hamilton went around him again. But he's weaving all over the road and he's going to force Hamilton wide again and Hamilton can't quite get past on the entry into turn four didn't happen for him. They spent the last couple laps of the race, their teams lobbying the stewards. What are we going to do here? And the storage are like, well, you're going to race. And they will figure out what happens after. Hamilton pulls ahead of Verstappen before they get to the corner. The crowd you're absolutely wild. It is third time lucky for Lewis Hamilton. He has gone from last all the way to first. What a drive Hamilton has come home to win the São Paulo Grand Prix. He's not ready to loosen his grip on that championship trophy. Not just yet. And then we had almost a bizarre replay of that in Saudi Arabia. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, how much damage on Hamilton's Mercedes what has happened there? And Hamilton has now got past Verstappen. Hamilton is going to give us level pegging in the championship as he comes home to win the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Formula One is at its best when is as much about the drama off the track as it is the racing on it. And quite frankly for years, the off track, soap operas all they have because the on track racing wasn't very good. This year, the old track race has been the best ever been. Certainly among two title contenders. And so when you throw in wheel to wheel racing and then hurt feelings and then teams lobbying for help from the stewards and all this goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks. With amazing racing and then now we're going into the finale. Dead even all points, best man wins. I mean, if this had been written into a bad Sylvester Stallone racing movie, which there is one, don't ever rent it. We would laugh it off as there's no way. And yet it has happened right here in front of us. So if the world championship is gonna get settled on Sunday. And all the stakes are about as high as anyone can imagine. How do you assess what winning the thing would mean to each of these guys individually? How different are these propositions? Even go so far as to say, what it means for just a Formula One in the future. Because it's a quote the great philosopher Ric Flair to beat the man you gotta beat the man. While Hamilton's the man, and until someone stands atop that podium with that world championship trophy that is not Lewis Hamilton, and he's won 7 of these now, tied for Michael Schumacher for most auto record, no one thought anyone would ever approach. If for stop and were to pull this off, this is a changing of the guard. This is a 24 year old with a new money team in Red Bull. That will have knocked off Lewis Hamilton. The winningest driver ever. And, you know, does Louis Hamilton win another championship? We don't know. This might be his last chance. So McGee just to be clear here at the very end, there's no award that I should also be lobbying for your vote in F one, is there? Is there anything else that we need to reform here before we declare you the Tsar of everything? I mean, you know, I mean, I'm sure there's a Hall of Fame. I could be vote on over there. So I still don't vote for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, either which all these NASCAR Hall of Fame voters will call me on their way to go vote to ask for Hall of Fame and go, hey, now what's the story on this guy? I'm like, so I'm not bitter at all. No, I haven't noticed that McGee. I can tell you have no resentment on the fact that American democracy continues to cheat off of your homework. Well, I'll tell you this, we're going to find out who actually listens to this podcast and who doesn't. Because as soon as anyone hears me complain about any of this, I can already think of a couple names or people are going to call me and go. Well, now wait a minute. So we'll see. Just to be clear, I always love it when we can cheat off of your homework on ESPN daily. And as one who used to cheat off others on work, I appreciate that effort. I'm Pablo Toure and this has been ESPN daily. Our show is produced by Alexander hyacinth Mike Johns, Ryan and tell Mike philbrick and eve tro Chris to Manila and Aaron Vale. Special thanks this week to Andres Soto, Garrett Lang, Emma erd brink, braid and reichenbach, and Jackson Angelo. I'll talk to you Monday..

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