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The Russell Westbrook story how long until he's moved Eric corn kind enough to join us he covers the funder for the Oklahoman and he joins us during NBA summer league where I am in Vegas in Eric thanks for the time let's jump right in and what do you think would be the key holed up to okay see moving Westbrook over the next couple of days well it's it's difficult because the options are limited from the standpoint that so many of the league's free agents are so many of the players in the league for free agents in the past couple of weeks that some of these guys that were just signed a contract can't be dealt until December fifth street so what happens is you have limited options in terms of trade partners certainly when it comes to just a tree with one team it can be done but you know it's a matter of finding Westbrook a place that he wants to be you know with the reports are from from ESPN's atrial zero skew the Westbrook wants to play for a contender or place where he can contend and and that's difficult to do and everybody to be happy with the deal when you're talking about the little one team one one yeah two teams do a deal of because of the timing of this is is crucial and it's gonna be hard to get done but I think you can get done it's just a matter of how many teams can get involved in the all parties can be happy with it I think Miami with Pat Riley and what they have already with Jimmy Butler the speed that those guys play within the ability to go up and down would be a good fit and Eric I thought Boston would be a good trade partner Boston is serious about winning a championship it seems like Danny Ainge over the last four five seasons is serious about acquiring draft picks holding on to certain draft equity going kind of all in but not really I just think of Boston under Danny Ainge wanted to really get over the top this would be one of the moves they can do to match salary to add players and get Westbrook to a competitor do you think those that's one of the teams that could maybe be a partner for okay see I like the idea of of Miami because they've been kind of waiting in this kind of wilderness of mediocrity for the last few years I think that they'd like to have another star to pair with Jimmy Butler I don't know necessarily how those two guys work together but I think that that kind of star power would would captivate people down there Miami and I think that that will make them a you know a team that would probably be chasing for you know scene six the rate in the Eastern Conference Boston to me is a little bit different I don't know if that would be I don't know if that would help Boston necessarily by by going for guys like Westbrook but because the salaries required to match that you'd be sending out you know a lot of players you send out some guys so young guys that you believe the and then they also just signed Kemba Walker so to me I don't know what that would necessarily be a positive for Boston to do that I think that Kim Walker at this juncture of his career is actually a better player the Russell Westbrook is better three point shooter Neil Walker is a guy who you can argue with probably more gavel conducive to team basketball and yeah I think that Walker was a guy that they targeted immediately after they they were going to carry Irving so that's probably a better fit Erik Horne is our guest on the writer for the Oklahoman all right Eric here's the elephant in the room what how if they get rid of Westbrook and they get a lot of young talent backwards mostly draft picks in the trying to get this deal done and they need a partner for that why would anybody in god's name wanna buy season tickets I mean you're gonna have to look it up for at least a year I think a look this is same thing I throw it Nick fans the Knicks lost you know that seventy million in cap space and got nothing but those hedge fund guys and stock brokers and lawyers and Wall Street guys need to entertain and go out I mean for thunder fans after harden after Durant after Westbrook and Paul George I wouldn't want to be in the ticket office in OKC calling back the season ticket holders and the luxury suite owners and saying Hey we want you to re up for the next two years what look that's a valid point and and I think that's part of why it's so difficult for small markets to justify dealing these guys because you gotta have a draw in the draw for the thunder for years was not only being competitive but having you many young scholars and you know for is you know is limited as the thunder was in the playoffs the last three years post array you know every night you were getting crazy effort to Russell Westbrook you're going to get a show you're gonna get a guy who played eighty games a year then you were going to get a guy that entertained winner loops and that's something that would be removed from this undertaking so it is a big question this might be one of the first times in you know the thunders eleven year history that their ticket office is actually going to have to work yeah you know your war and there was so much excitement coming off of you know the Oklahoma City College of New Orleans pelicans coming in and this this this city no just crying for basketball team after after the coaches were displaced after Katrina and then after that you had basically just haven't had bad basketball this in this city since year one any event starts to come along with it Kevin Durant hardened Westbrook Paul Georgy McConnell it so it's been a star studded run for the thunder over the past decade it's going to be interesting to see how they're able to keep people's interest if they do go to rebuild it Eric Kohn Sargasso okay got time for one more which is another important one when I look at the competitive balance of this league and what's going to happen going forward what do you think was going to press these mind knowing that he was dealing with sherry west to pair Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and he knew we'd have to pick up the phone and explain this to Russell Westbrook because he didn't have to move Paul George it would affect Russell Westbrook how difficult do you think that call was from Presti to Westbrook saying that they were moving Paul George well maybe they got on the freeway and Paul George's online through for all I it's one of those situations where I think the funders gone a long time and still do catering to players and as we've seen in the last year or so you could you could ever players if you want but how far they're going to get you in the NBA in this day and age you know these teams have got a look out for their best interests the players look out for their certainly and the raptor just won a championship because they looked out for their best interest you know the martyr Rosen with a beloved figure in Toronto and the side Yuri made a tough decision in trading that guy and he he he wasn't like for that because people have doubts about Kawhi Leonard Sam Presti the guy you think a lot of flak over the past years over trade James harden that the make tough decisions after that as well the poll your decision was basically the thunder saying you know they couldn't have a guy that was gonna be no basically on happy with where he was going to win this season and next so they did the next best logical thinking and frankly it might be a blessing in disguise for Nepal George did that because they were gonna have the weather through these next two years with possibly a team that was just kind of have a ceiling of the first rebel playoffs this helps reduce the the team quicker than they would be dissipated and you know those those conversations top one that's why those years get paid once a month Erik Horne at every corner okay thanks a lot tonight it's a busy night busy time of year with summer league appreciate you get in touch with the star thank you Hey no problem thank you all right there's a record again I don't agree with them at the end because already had two stars Westbrook and Paul George they should have found a way to get creative and get one more or get another good player figure out a way all the players that they've had to let people go down the list and now they're blowing the whole thing up let it be known tonight J. T. infer Scotty for L. Oklahoma City thunder have officially blown up the roster so now you have an uncompetitive roster period for a couple years that's gonna be topped the stomach back there let's get out the J. Berman with the sports update sports flag IGT the Major.

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