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And the fact that this is the first time she feels like she's ever had a proper preseason block and she talked about how previously all training blocks had to be managed around her cycle around her menstrual cycle because her periods with that terrible and that painful and new lease on life for her and she spoke about it so openly and so brilliantly and she's another person that's just unapologetically herself and I love it and can't wait for Collins against corny and yeah the full exchange is myself and Taiwanese carryover from The Guardian and Simon Briggs. Matt's new doubles partner, they're playing their playing doubles in about 8 hours time. It was the three of us in the press conference with the Daniel Collins, and it was brilliant. So subscribe to newsletter if you haven't already. The other quarterfinal in that bottom half of the women's jaw will be eager if we on tech against kaia kanepi. Who's completed her collection of Grand Slam quarterfinals. This was the only time she hadn't been to the quarterfinals of because, of course, she's a specialist in Grand Slam. She is extraordinary Kai can epi. Matt and I didn't see much of either of these matches, David, because it coincided with some of Fritz and sit to pass, which we were watching slash trying to obtain chips during and also with the shrink match coincided with a flurry of press conferences that we wanted to get to. So over to you for your hot takes on these too much is please. Well, first film take I was most amused with the surveillance cameras backstage that showed her juggling three tennis balls up against a wall, just doing all sorts of tricks as she got ready for the match. And I thought that's a very ego free on tech thing to do. And to be able to do, you just get the sense that she has this sorcery at her fingertips and is able to do pretty much whatever she wants whenever she wants. But she had a hands full today because castella came out blazing and she's another one a little bit like Alicia corne. You know, little later in her career now and get in the best out of whatever's left. And she was knocking on tech off the court. And it took everything really that the pole could find in a game to turn it around and she reached she had to dig in. She did that. She found the shots and she looks really good. She sort of one gallon away by the end. The Canopy sabalenka match. Well, it was just a real disappointment that it was shunted out onto the second court as a victim of the schedulers because it got stuck on scheduled after the demo match, and then the sits the best match, which meant that when those, when the sheds were started to go long, it was either they're playing after midnight on a deserted probably rod laver arena, or they're playing on a second chord, which is also got nobody in it because nobody was expecting a match to be taking place over there. And it's just that that sort of thing has just got our go to all tournament long and it has been doing for years. And occasionally people say, well, what else can they do? You know, they've got these great matches. Well, when was the last time you can remember the men's match being shoved out onto the second court? Because a great women's match is going out on because it was scheduled at prime time. It doesn't happen. And it's really frustrating. But anyway, so it's played in empty stadium. They went out. Well, there you go. So delighted on delighted. They went at it, they went out it head to head these two and they were knocking lumps out of each other. I actually haven't got the stats for sabalenka to know what the double fault count was like to be quite honest. But the match itself was it was just full of nerves because, you know, can epi was lead in, she had a chances. I thought she'd let it slip, and she does. She has tended when she's got these great opportunities, you know? She's great in the first round, knocking out a big name, but when you then expect her to take the next step and go all the way, she's always come up a little bit short, but there was a great moment in the third set, tiebreak, where, I mean, honestly, I'm watching it and I'm thinking 7 6 match point. And of course, it isn't because it's the final sector, right? And she did exactly the same thing and she thought she'd run them out. She goes and then she just goes, oh. That's nice to do it all again. And if you can find that GIF, get on it, I would say. But anyway, I think she was a worthy winner in the end. And yeah, another great little story for her. Might not make big global waves there are other bigger stories than kayaking epi. But for her, that is a massive moment. And you could see it all over her face in the interview afterwards. You get lots of great stories in slams, don't you? But there's something I think really interesting about players finally accomplishing something. And we had that with coronary today. We had it with can epi find the competing set of Grand Slam quarterfinals. They really satisfying stories when something like that happens. You know, we love breakthroughs. We love young players coming out. But there's also a lot of great stories about players who've given a lot to tennis over the years and persisted and just chipped away and have filled up draws and provided us with moments. And it's nice when they get some of the spotlight as well. It's never too late to try again, folks. That's what we've learned from today. Two t-shirts. And they probably make Simona Halep feel better about losing because she can think, well, I'd only have lost stick an epi, anyway. She's always losing to Canopy and slammed isn't she? Right then, I think that's it for day 8. It's been so jam packed this episode that I haven't had the opportunity to tell you David and the listeners about my absolute world triumph today. I don't even know what word lives to be honest. I have been buzzing all day. Honestly, it's the biggest endorphin here I've had in two years. It was immense. It started my day off such a pep in my step. So much of a pep in my step that I ended up getting into NFL, David. It's been a really big day. We're talking. Now we're talking. Yeah, we don't have time to talk about it though, but slate it for later date. But we do want to say shout out to Andrew because our Twitter during the Austrian opened during the day sessions big Buffalo Bills fan. As am I now? As am I really think I feel like I've been a bills fan for a 100% of my of my NFL sporting life? I feel all of your pain hashtag bills Matthew. We love you Andrew. And that was brutal..

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