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Oh, my good wrong. Over Johnny nothing over. What they pull up been good. I've watched rocky today. Speaking of Stallone. That's why I'm doing doing Rockies under Iraqi because next week. We're into rocky four creed. Let me get base and base in rocky. And then we'll do rocky four. So I can see how it evolves over form. Now, you gotta watch all watch all three four movies eventually, but we're since other ones I haven't Drago Crees coming out for giving. That's why watching four skipping ahead to see what happens. The one to four makes no sense. Exactly. Why we're doing? It's important to you to watch two two clubber Lang before is that. So I know enough about rocky to know what happens just not how essentially so give me a little time. Yeah, I'm sorry. The trailer came out we were starting to show. So I didn't I have enough things to reference and being that we are video. I need to have things that we can talk about also see what would make an points. So I just wanna make sure that we have that in place before we move forward and tell you oh Email today about here, but the water being cut a lot of being cut off. Yeah. Water to bring our own water. Use those bows piss into. Toilet. Ain't nothing. No work tomorrow. That's. Is this for like six hours started start, right? We show starts at eight thirty. That's fine. It'll be over. But actually, six hours in the bushes is fine. Plenty of them. Right. Let me see fun time. Then we're gonna do with your permission where do a pre-recorded show before Monday your show on Monday. So was going on because of things because I don't want to do. I don't wanna miss show because I'm dedicated toasties out. Appreciate that. Never miss a show. That's. Things. Still get facelift around here. You might see some changes. Let's see let me see what we get. Wanted. I wanna make shot. Do you son? They put a trailer for another part of dumble, and it them. They don't want. Nobody. That happen here. Everything good, buddy. Brandon is doing a show here in Austin this weekend, Brandon Rogers, remember. Oh, doing on the show doing a live show here. Did you ask to get tickets? So you gotta let him know who I need to bring it Saturday at seven, aren't they? Nice and outing maybe to our show be there. Whereas you're gonna be paramount off of six nine smaller. When I think of. Oh, oh, yeah. The one that state. They're still. State is very nice don't know what he does or shows at the state more than paramount. See I'll be there Chicago John is going to be there. You bought a VIP ticket? So of course, they did on the guest list. So I said I said by whoever needs to. So if you guys want to go, then I'd like to go. Those guys are cool people love to go. Yeah. Wanna? Want to check that out? So yeah, told him next time. Come to town. I think even Eric try to tell me about that today because I heard him say. Somebody's court. You wait. Me up shit trying to do for you grateful mother fucking Toy Story. More people love that reaction, by the way, your reaction to Toy Story. I love that. Yeah. Hilarious because it was just nonsense. Both the teaser and the teaser reaction that does not as I'm not crazy cheap. It was cheap to have L do that. Because that's the thing about Toy Story everyone's recognizable. But there's no act that a specific them like it was it was a record day ham and that right now. Potato potato head, and then who wasn't ham that was John. I forget the name. No, no cliff from from cheers, John Ratzenberger. Right. John Ratzenberger, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and everybody worked individually as contrast and characters contracting toys, but then you have but all of them are from different almost walks of life almost different styles of acting, and John and everything like that. And then you have key imperial who are always go together. If you had one of them any another one they did comedy that was not or not just the same old gag. They do it been fine. But that dates the movie already, and that's thing about Toy Story is that a lot of its timeless, right? Think we can go ahead and move forward. You'll come back to you..

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