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Stolen up to $30 billion in taxpayer money it was intended for unemployed Californians. Several lawmakers say they have constituents living in their cars, some of them with Children because of delays and receiving unemployment benefits. In fact, state Auditor Lane Howl testified at that hearing, And she said that the E. D T has millions of backlogged claims the agency secretary directed them to You know, basically shut off a safeguard. Well, et de, should have done an assessment and said, Okay, But if we do that, here's the cost benefit. We're going to get payments out much more quickly. But here's the risk of fraud. Theeighties new director Rita Scenes also testified at the hearing. And she told lawmakers that technology a TTD needs major upgrades. Not expect innovation and modernization. If your staff comes and goes because what happens is they're learning the job. They're doing the job. They don't have the bandwidth to engage in modernization. She went on to say that she has hired more than 90 new call center workers to help ease that massive backlog. As the crow to virus pandemic rages on. Governor Gavin Newsom says he has no outline in place to get high school and youth sports back up and running. But he is optimistic that they will eventually find a safe way to play. We want to see this happen. We want to do it safely, and a lot of great dad has been provided by the same groups that are suing us. Let them play rallies across California have become more prominent. In recent weeks. The students and parents put more pressure on the governor to allow for youth sports to resume. Newsome is facing a lawsuit against his administration demanding the immediate reopening of youth sports New this morning. A Sacramento native and former congressman is closer to entering the recall. Election Cave Becase Taylor Martin has details. Republican Congressman Doug OC is considering running for California governor in a possible recall election aimed at Governor Gavin News. Him mostly explained. Voters are looking for new leadership following the state's poorly planned vaccine rollout, and Newsome Strycova 19 health orders. He said he believes he can do a better job than Newsome. Supporters of a possible recall election are continuing to gather petition signatures needed to qualify the proposal for the ballot. They have until mid March to get the required 1.5 million signatures so far, organizers say they have over 1.3 million signatures. Taylor Martin News, 93.1, Kfbk, Harry, or national stories now. From ABC. Number of Americans filing for first time unemployment benefits dropping last week by Maura Than analysts had been expecting 779,000 claims, the Labor Department says down from 812,000 the week before tomorrow we'll get the monthly numbers for January. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, telling ABC News this morning that passing the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan is at the top of President Biden's agenda. We've got some tough months ahead until we get control of the pandemic. But we want to make sure we've got a good strong labor market can put people back to work in the thieves. Small businesses that need help survive. Scientists in Britain are beginning to look into whether getting two doses of the Corona virus vaccine from two different manufacturers might boost antibodies. Democrats said to vote today on whether to strip Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments over her embrace of Cuban on conspiracy theories. Sherry Preston ABC News, a new tool for police officers in one northern California city. It's news from your neighborhood and three months traffic GSP is.

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