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That's right every week starting the beginning maybe five a week than fifteen a week and then in the later weeks even a hundred in one week we do this because if the company is able to pitch two hundred fifty of the greatest investors end syndicate members in the world and they can't raise money it tells us something and as you know we accept only companies in our goldilocks zone the galz not the dmz the demilitarized zone the geology the goldilocks zone what is the goldilocks zone four jason cal canada than the launching better it means you're products in the market you have some traction but not so much traction that you've closure series a or series be and you don't need any help from us we want to be able to be helpful to the company's want to be the most helpful incubator companies and that's why we selected a tac to be part of the launch incubator in 2017 they won ibm smart campus after you one ibm's he did yeah so welcome to the program nile the winner of ibm smart capital watch festival which that entitled you to come to the incubator and you've been come to incubator now for a think nine or ten weeks all the way from dublin ireland all the way she commuting we are it's the second longest commit we've ever had what's the longest hong kong well yeah we're looking for a company from dubai or thailand breyer india or india to break the record but i think that you have the second but tallah everybody what is a tech guy and why did you created and delighted to gain the show jason a superfan has been for a long time i know you are an and you are genuinely january hey and tell me about specific episodes i appreciate i know episode out there i can tell you my favorite episode a six forty when you steve case on and he was a big inspiration of ateq.

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