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Way or another as Bondi would say. Exactly gonna get me get me get me get me one way or another. It will. It's gonna find me something. Some combination. I'm gonna get some weird combination bird pink eyed COVID Omnicare. Something. We're gonna die someday. And then just when everything's looking, then Paula pounds stone calls. What? What? Oh, you know, there's a new virus affecting hummingbirds who find yourself. I'm so glad I called if you find yourself just going, all right. You could be on your way out. Thank you. Stephanie. By the way. 12 time caller, long time winning. Oh. Wow. Listen, my bird flu, my bird flu is my new ping Pong excuse for why I suck at ping Pong because of something. You were a voice. You were forced to work. Of course. Yeah. You've been talking lately about how, you know, the 90s birthday special made you cry, and I just want to tell you right now. You have the exact same effect on me. You wouldn't fake it. No. It was something that we did. And I cried. Because I listened on a mixer, and my ear gets caught in it. Can you confirm the playing ping Pong with crystal boy is like playing with one of the pieces of meat in the rocky film? Isn't he just like a wall of muscle that the ball just hits and bounces off? Like he can't even move his arms. He's just right? Yeah. He is, he is an animated Fraser plan. Yeah, yeah. I consistently hit the ball too hard. Yes. That was my thing. You know what? Neighbors call. Yes. And so did someone hulk smash a ball into my. Yeah, they said, oh, and this is a horrible thing would happen. No one wants to see it happen, but the. Ball, and I can't, you know, I denied that it came from my house, 'cause who knows where it came from. It's like a ball when right through their darkened. I apologize to the dachshund. Yeah, that's awful. Yeah. And I said, isn't that too bad? This is what I said. Speaking of animals, did you happen to catch our fish orgasm segment yesterday, which I think was very important, scientific news? Oh, that's why I listened for the science. Science stack. Yeah. Yeah. How long has it been since you've heard an underwater Madeline con impression? Not every day, you don't hear that, only on the Stephanie Miller show. Is that why it makes you cry? Well, and I wondered when I heard it because it was unbelievable. I wonder it's like, how when going to acting? I thought, okay, was that her project? I can't tell if you're laughing or crying anymore. Is that a prosecutor that a unit? That was like at the end of a unit into a project. Underwater, Madeline selecting. Right, yes, exactly. My underwater aquatic orgasm class at USC. Yeah. All right, well, Paul, look at the time. That was what made your night mother impression. So different than others. That's right. Night mother. Glam. I have to tell you something. What? Okay, so I'm tearing up. So I was listening yesterday. And Mark from Ohio called and he wanted to talk to God who wanted you to deliver a message to Karen. Yes. And I'm so excited. And so by the way, come on, can I ask where you want to act in school? It was this is summer program. Yes. Go ahead. Are you trying to get carrots? So you tried to get Karen on a conference call. Mark. And they both said hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Can you hear me? And then my office is hello. Can you hear me? Yes. And they couldn't. Not since mister Watson come here. I need you. Has there been such a magic epochal epic moment in for me? For me, it was tchaikovsky esque. The 5th full body orgasm tchaikovsky asked. Hello, hello. Can you hear me? I can Mark I can't hear you. Hello? Do I push the middle button? Don't you feel like Lionel Richie needs to redo that song as a tribute to my show and the horrible audio quality of my phone system? All right. You say hello and I just think you should lean into it. I think you should celebrate it. I hear shows where people call in and that's all there's to it. And it's not fun at all. No. It's more of a challenge here. Well, you know, Paul, you say, you say hello and I say goodbye. Goodbye. And I think and I say hello. Hello. All right, goodbye, Paul stone. I'm sure you're very busy. Hello. Okay. She's sitting in the airport lounge as usual. I'm sure. Goodbye Paul. No, I met him. Okay. All right. Love you, miss you already. Bye bye. Yay. Wow. Look, and look who's. She was the opening act for Karen in Chicago. Okay. Come on, not everybody gets Paul poundstone to open for them, Karen. Hello, can you patch me through to Paula? No. What am I ernestine? Everybody just got the and catch your point. So I just, you know, with all the shooting stuff, I mean, really, like the majority of Americans, right? The polling shows that we want common sense gun laws. Why in the how do people keep voting for Republicans? It's crazy. Like if there's this much of a majority, it just doesn't make any sense. Yeah. You know? And I mean, I'm just so happy like Victor. She's going to be on. I mean, I do think that Gen Z is going to save us, but it really is a bewildering that even to this point that people watching children get slaughtered. You can't go to a hospital. You can't go to a concert. You can't go my shit was in lockdown. It's a mall. A couple christmases ago. I mean, it's just it's insanity. Yeah. You know? It's hard to know how to make sense of any of it. Yeah. But anyway, there's love love you, too. There's got to be a point where people love Jody justice, love you too. Just decide that we don't. We are not going to live like this anymore. You know, I don't. All right, let's get back to some of the good news. The justice news, oh, Glen kirshner texted us that the Proud Boys. Yeah, the Proud Boys trial, including Enrique terrier, there are like 5 on trial. The judges announcing a partial verdict. The judge was supposed to. About ten minutes ago. So I don't know what's going on, but a partial verdict means that they're going to release some of the verdict, but then keep deliberating on others. Okay. And obviously Glenn will be with us tomorrow to go over all of that. All right, in squid news, by the way. Maddie to squid. Okay. Senior and junior prosecutors for Jack Smith have been

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