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Used. Just draft north. America's lost three billion birds and fifty years cheese. So no it's probably fine. Vick transition to talking about the climate change disasters were seeing bad. Bad news Yeah Any who the oceans on fire on the in the last few days. Yeah yeah. This one's in mexico's yucatan peninsula. The fire began. I guess in an underwater pipeline that connects to a platform at penn coup malu zap oil development Apparently the fire was due to a gas pipeline rupture And was brought under control using water pumps and hoses for about five hours This is fun angel. Cara zola's who is the executive director of a mexico's oil safety regulatory agencies said that the incident did not generate an spill. but experts are saying. I don't know about that as funny that they're saying we're pretty sure there wasn't a spill because it was all on so much fire they they're saying the best case scenario at the fire contains the oil from going too far but like the fact that the ocean is on fire means that their shit in the ocean causing it to be on fire that should be available in the ocean like a flaming moe cocktail or whatever. But you got to give a shoutout to the pr person who was like wait. Wait it's not a spill because it all burned up so burned up. It's all problems for losing loop. Yeah this is from cnn. I'm not sure Simon george a professor of organic geochemistry at mkhori university in. I don't trust. I seen it. Seen it. that for such a dramatic and sustained flame to persist on the ocean. A continuous stream of natural gas must have been making its way to the surface from the leak So yeah that's what's going on there. I could've guessed that the professor of organic geochemistry. I could've guessed that too. And then there was looking at the ocean. Fire you go. It probably got a lot of shit in the ocean didn't they. Yeah that was my guess. All i saw was the seemingly. Cgi video of the portal. Hell like to don't belong together. You know i'm i'm watching my hero academia and we're you know we're all individuals myron ice. You have fire and you've got water and i think we need to think about are the collective nature of nature itself fires in water. Yeah i mean it's it is interesting. Some people have noted this that like in the sixties and seventy. I think it might start in the fifties but like the cuyahoga river in. Cleveland lit on fire like so many times. That fucking river kept catching on fire. The fire's would be like the flames. Be like five stories tall like the the river was very flammable and it was a big reason why the epa was created because americans at that point again talking about like a shared concept of reality. We're all like oh. It's pretty bad if a river keeps catching on fire. Which probably do something about this. Look into this. There's also arguments that because of how effective the ep was cleaning at cleaning up kind of the cosmetic issues of littering and stuff how they were able to pretty things up and reduce the amount of obvious like fuck ary it actually contributed to not notice or to people being able to ignore climate change because there was less flaming rivers. It's interesting and yeah. That river caught fire last year. Oh the cuyahoga dig. Cleveland's back erica. Joe.

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