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Welcome to what the head of the un cools hell on earth syria a rebelheld district just outside damascus where life and death of loss meaning the areas being besieged in pummeled for years with venus statesponsored campaign of mass slaughter president asked his russian allied are accused of unleashing war against the people of gupta so he dome as is a rescueworke here he rushed to the scene of one airstrike only to discover his own home hits and these little baby boy wounded found my son injured by glass and would we shall he's my only child for the eta basque me i'm just saying now and i've been impatiently waiting for him were years sing god bless merely app not that i ha i walked in and sought out injured in the face ahead threemonthold uber hidden suffered shrapnel from the blast but where death is never far away this old lows passes good luck the baby boy's doing well in kuta that rondo happy endings as the bombs continued to four as rescue workers scrambled to help a to him from collapsing buildings president army has launched hundreds of missiles a move is on civilian homes and hospitals accused of deliberately targetting rescue workers and medics the regime say that war is against the rebels here who fired missiles at the capitol damascus also killing civilians was only one side has it now and the response was being massive.

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