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Andrey p upgrade for sure and in lillehammer app which we kennesaw if you're watching the feed we saw the little interface of that which looks remarkably similar to its uh windows phone days yugoslavia's sometimes makes sense he'll they'll it they like to harken back to the back to a simpler time more things change they wanna see and like how they're bringing back the nokia ab one ten slider banana phone oh i want that phone i i've asked not running andhra now buddies the you want him was actually really interesting one because it is actually running a couple of absolutely you can actually get google assistant only liatti 110 i'm goals again will maps drool search and you can also il sink you contacts and he calendar so like this is actually a really arm on pretty canedo to give it a go and see what birdie 110 can do i mean it's a banana phone i really hope that there is a wringer option of ringtone option for ringling rang but an affront your bonelli raise ring ring ring ring the the option i really want to seize the matrix mud sofia motors are out there that can do the guests cartridge to shoot it open market bid on the matrix i mean stood please reach out on on lobby lafayette me on something remember when this was the future uh okay wow we're we're gonna go along today folks i can already tell an and all at the expense of daniel sleep and i'm sorry about that uh let's try jump through view these uh sony uh is the perfect place to jump through now i'm just kidding sony fans sony showed off a few who devices the experience as x z to compact and also the sorry i got that did i get that backwards ex to the x to accede to whatever it's only x is that true in the exit two compounds k all right so i wrote it down both ways i was i was confused snapdragon eight fortyfive fully she display with hd are in the display uh capability fingerprint on the back of course i sixty five and sixty eight rated oreo a launches with oreo it's got kind of a redesigned look to it a little bit more rounded a little bit more curve e uh there is no courage port no three point five millimeter had front jack has matteo had called courage port.

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