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Abode where I think we're going to aim once we've finished all our work for stuff we've still got to do, watch a bit of the Champions League Final. We used to support him by the way. Oh no, I've got a route for Real Madrid because I'm a man united fan, so see Liverpool. And I know that our overall company president is a massive Liverpool fan and I said to him yes to how you nerves and he was like oh no I like depends on the midfield. But I reminded him that Liverpool have always won. They've won 6 Champions League titles or European cups. Always against the team playing in white. So that bodes very well for Real Madrid playing in white tonight. Alex, who are you supporting being the big football aficionado that you are? Yeah, I mean, yeah, famously I don't care for football disparage it whenever I can to be honest, not because it's a bad sport or anything just to find it a little bit a little bit boring, but yeah, I do enjoy a good big sporting occasions. I'm going to be cheering for Liverpool because I think Jürgen Klopp is a great manager. It comes across very well. I mean, I have no idea what it is about him. Football technically wise that made some good, but he comes across very, very well. With all these positions on life and I appreciate that. Anyway, we've got massively sidetracked from our Formula One podcast. But kind of remember where that point started, you know, actually. It's because we escaped the traffic jam and we finally heading, heading, heading out. But yeah, we're talking about McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo. Yes, that was it. I was up at mason a watching watching FP three with codders. And Carter said, you know, it's interesting that Zac Brown and McLaren are coming out and making these public statements about Ricardo in the media. And they're not doing it by accident. It's obviously got to be part of some sort of tactics cottage used the expression is that a carrot to try and get into perform better and really got to look at it as it's a stick to beat them with surely. That's what they're just trying to really, really inject some sort of fierce reaction from them. So it'd be interesting to see how we respond, but I mean, even with rain and a chaotic race from 14, it's hard to see him doing anything particularly special tomorrow. So he's got to hope Baku is where the next fight back begins. And for the football fans listening to this, I have Googled it. And the status that every time live for one European Cup or Champions League has been against the site in white. So although there was that defeat a couple of years ago, two Real Madrid, that does tie in with that statistic. But of course as college is calling it the champignon final is not the major sporting event this weekend. It is, of course, the Monaco Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc is not only aiming to win the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time, but finish a race in Monaco for the very first time. He's at Owen 5 at the moment, two formula two races and three Formula One races. Obviously one of them, he didn't even start let alone finish, so it's not been a very happy hunting ground for him, but Alex is tomorrow the day that I know, I know you don't believe in curses, but it's more of the day Charles Leclerc does finally taste success in Monaco. There's no reason why he shouldn't win bear in mind he's starting on pole and he's got his teammate alongside him. And we know how critical that is at Monaco. But yeah, as much as steepest dish in his nonsense, things do seem to happen to leclerc, whether he makes a mistake or something goes wrong as it breaks, because it don't have, doesn't happen because we hope that with all drivers down there's no sort of you celebrate or enjoy a particular team doing badly. These drivers are all brilliant and all the teams are tremendous. So it's unfortunate when these things happen. But you can't be ruled out. So that being said, just going back to the first point, starts on Paul's team at alongside him. He should win it. If it's dry, if it's wet, he actually said he doesn't think he's ever driven a racing car in the wet. And definitely the formula two races in 2017 were dry. But so yeah, that could be an interesting challenge for him, but as you said Ferrari's car is performing better in the wet than it has the last couple of years. He was pleased with how things were going at imola when it was where earlier on in the season. So hopefully for his point of view, he's got all he needs to cope with whatever, whatever the Monaco curse or whatever Monaco itself throws out. He may not be superstitious, but quote Michael Scott from The Office. I am a little stitches, so we shall see how Charlotte Clark fares tomorrow. Alex, thank you very much for joining me. Coddles, thank you for driving. Very, very quiet from Yukon as I was expecting some quips or some jokes or something from the front seat there, anything you would like to add as you keep your eyes on the road, of course. I'm physically concentrating on not hitting any passers by or people in black trucks driving like psychopaths. So I've let you.

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