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Dmitry bivol for a light heavyweight title and he's already been a light heavyweight champion. And get out of the love can or does he want to fight Jamal charlo and probably David Benavidez does he want that more? Does he view that as more important for his legacy? Because we both know that he really has a strong dislike for golovkin. He does not want golovkin to benefit financially from his superstardom. So that might ultimately be a factor in this as well because as you mentioned before, that my Carpenter good old pal over there at ESPN wrote yesterday that he was nearing a deal and he seriously considering it, but he's also considering the PVC showtime deal and again, it's just ultimately going to depend on which fights he sees as more important to his legacy. The bib all fight is a challenging fight. It just doesn't have the to me anyway. I think the Charlotte is more marketable. I'm not saying that it's an easier fight or a harder fight or whatever. Obviously, Charles has to go up from one 60 to one 68. But I just think the fight is more marketable in the sense that Dmitry bivol is for all intents and purposes has disappeared over the last couple of years. Frankly, he's fighting at 11 o'clock in the morning on the east coast from Russia and people aren't seeing his fights and he struggled somewhat and his fight against Craig Richards and fighters often have a tendency to fight up and down to their levels of competition. I'm not saying he's not a better fighter than Craig Richards. He is. But if Canelo Álvarez had struggled with a fighter at the level of Craig Richards, what would they be saying about Canelo Álvarez? They certainly wouldn't be saying that he could beat the best pound for pound fighter in the world. And yesterday, a lot of people were trying to tell me that Dmitry bivol is the toughest of those four fights that have been proposed by both showtime and the zone. I don't see that. I see Canelo beating Dmitry bivalve. I wouldn't say easily, but certainly convincingly. Yeah, I think I'm a little surprised that Canelo has not elected to split the baby. To your point, I believe to zone his own executives are hell bent on making the galata fight happen. And if golovkin faces ryota Murata at some point over the next couple of months and looks great in that fight, which you and I both know he's fully capable of burrata is not very good and is very capable of being knocked out, has been even more inactive than golovkin if you can believe that over the last few years. If he looked great against maratha, suddenly had two pieces of the 160 pound championship, the it wouldn't have regained all the momentum it lost, but it would have regained some of it and made that fight marketable in September. I do think Canelo is over the, I don't want golovkin to get a paycheck part of it. I based that on, before the pandemic hit, there were plans to have Canelo go against Billy Joe Saunders in May and face Gennady Golovkin in September. That was very much in talks, and there was a strong belief on the zone side that he was willing to be in Canelo was willing to do it. So I don't think there's definitely still a lot of personal animosity there. I don't think it's blocking anything from happening and hasn't been the case in some time now. The people don't like people, he must, I don't have any real insight information.

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