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Also died as a child and you can say that's just a distraught mother and mary todd lincoln historically of course may have you know who knows where she was on various spectrums but she she wrote about it and the ghost turns up again decades later that's to me the the smoking gun when a military aid writes in his memoirs in the early nineteen hundreds that he's visiting the white house and the maids and staff claim that it's haunted by the ghost of a little boy suddenly you say okay wait a minute the only little boy to die there was willie and they didn't even give him a name they just said little boy and that connects us it connects us back to the lincoln's connects us back to history and that's what it ghost story does now when i say story don't think i mean it's just a story but a story is part of what's going on you know there's all kinds of haunting that's still continue at the white house where people are saying things on a bill burns wrote a book with the joel martin about the white house is well what is it about that place i think when you go there have you had the pleasure to to go inside standing you feel the power of that building and it's been through a lot we it's easy to forget it was burned to the ground in eighteen fourteen when the british sacked washington dc it's been completely rebuilt in the nineteen fifties it's it's it's so many decisions in that building have affected the whole world not just this country and there is inherent power in that and you feel it and i think if anyplace should be haunted it's the white house because if you don't understand history if you don't connect with it you are doomed to repeat the.

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