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Jennifer you so let's just focus on the closures. Silverado Fire in the Blue Ridge Fire in terms of the Blue Ridge fire. They've got Gypsum Canyon on all France in the East 91 shut down! Ah, and I'm looking at this drive out of Corona. Of course, they've got the east and westbound 91 transition to the south to 41 closed as well. There's starting to be a little bit of a slowdown from about theseventy one. I'm gonna keep it on that for you. Because you know, yesterday it was really crazy. What? They were shutting down all the toll roads and such, and it really affected the 91. So at this 910.91 West started get a little heavy around the 71 alright together to 41 completely shut down from 91 all the way down to Where the 2 61 is and then to 41 continues to be shut down all the way into the majestic canyon beyond, Uh, the North found 1 33 that first of all the north five to the North 1 33. That tradition wrote a shutdown And then the 1 33 is closed. From the five heading up towards the 2 41 to 61 interchange to 61 that travels through Orchard Hills where we had a major massive evacuations yesterday morning that 26 you wanted clothes from basically the five all the way up to the 2 41 as well. So we'll just keep it on all that for you. The traffic seems to be You know, Okay through the area five itself coming up from say, that provide Spectrum area. That's fine. The North found five looks good heading up into downtown Los Angeles Self I've also looking good. The eastbound I'm seeing a little bit of slowing on the eastbound 60 heading over towards the 7 10. Otherwise, the 60 Eastern westbound look good also sing a little bit of slowing. I don't have a reason for at the moment, but the eastbound 10 heading up towards Kellogg Hill's getting away from, say about grand. I'll keep it on that for you as well. And I'll look into it. Having updating our next report. The next report is at 5 25 with more traffic reports more often I'm Jennifer York in the Toyota gondor dot com. 24 hour Traffic center can extend 70 NewsRadio winning boxer and what eggs are ineffective will be until Lisa's afternoon red flag mornings, her still in effect as well. Attempts today, probably somewhere in the.

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