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Speaking of eclectic i'm looking at this bracket and i see a whole bunch of schools familiar with what the hell's going on i know there are some amazing stories that we have right before us you know loyal of chicago back in the day you know in the early sixties they were actually basketball powerhouse but it's been decades since they've been in the aa tournament so they're intriguing story and of course kansas state punching through surprised some people they'd be in the sweet sixteen there was talk as of now around thirty two but there's some talk the sweet sixteen for that matter at that so many games that we had eight we have six games eighteen forty eight hours so i'm a little punchy here but but you still have your traditional powers you know syracuse and duke when you look at that matchup purdue out of the big ten villanova obviously right now looks to be in the driver's seat but it's march madness it's not a best of seven series but they would appear to be the favorite at this stage if you're looking for team most likely to win the national title because a carolina get knocked out michigan state get knocked out and we use this word you know every year in the non conference and then in the ncwa tournament about parody but because of the fact you don't have a separation between the powerhouse elite programs in the mid major it's why this time of the brackets get turned upside down but i think we're going to have a final four of traditional powerhouse teams or brand names steve lavon pac twelve network former ucla basketball coach coach of the year when you yes joining us here.

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