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Eight months to seven years old one victim the owners child the other four siblings their grandmother said their parents worked overnight shifts and the day care operated twenty four hours a day seven days a week two teenage boys jumped off the roof to avoid the flames the woman who owned the daycare center airlifted to the university of Pittsburgh Medical Center a neighbor who tried to rescue the kids from the second floor of that building also hurt fire officials tell the fox station in your re the building had just one smoke detector in the attic on the lam since Wednesday and escaped convict caught forty four year old Curtis ray Watson captured in a story being field about ten miles from the western Tennessee correctional facility he showed up at Harvey Taylor's front door around three thirty this morning his rang the doorbell showed the escapee rummaging through a refrigerator at the carport frying the first we recognized will form for Reagan Massoud was there did it Dave hi miss Watson captor just seven hundred fifty feet from the house along with the skate charges he could also face the death penalty for the alleged sexual assault and strangulation death of Deborah Johnson the prison administrator who lived in a house on the grounds she had worked in the corrections department for thirty eight years.

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