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In ten seconds. Mr. Bill O'Reilly president. So Bill I'm here. The number one story in your mind this week is. Killing. Yes. Okay. The number two story in your mind. The biggest story in the country is if the president of the United States can psychologically motionlessly survive the daily attacks on him. And you wanna hear that anywhere else? But here in the no spin zone because if you step back away from the Steria, and you look at Donald Trump is a human being you might not like him might think he's not capable of being president whatever, but any human being put under the barrage of hatred directed toward him and having to defend himself every hour on the hour from whatever charge the charge. Does your guy take a psychological toll on him in? That is the story. The big story about all of this. Okay. So so let's take this apart just a bit. First of all Michael Cohen. Michael Kohn, a Donald Trump said low level guy. Nobody believes that was the low level guy. Let me let me tell you about Michael Cohen. All right. I've never met the man at one point in the campaign. I was talking to Trump on the phone, and he was trying to get him on the factor that night, and he said, well, I can't do it. But take Michael Cohen. My attorney. And I said why would I do that? I'm not gonna put him on the air. He's gonna tell them. Tell me what you want him to say. I mean, one own ideas, put a puppet on there. And that was the end of that conversation. So Cohen was basically what they call a fixer. And when Trump had an annoyance, which was what these women were to him an annoyance Cohen, we'll deal with it. So I don't know any more than that. I don't know what Trump said Cohen, no one does. But Cohen's charge working for Donald Trump was to fix things fix annoyance. And that's what he did. Okay. The the problem has come in now with the National Enquirer that the National Enquirer has has changed their story. And now they're saying, okay, we did take direction from Donald Trump to pay this one person off that is a that's a felony coned. We have the audio of Michael Cohen on good Morning America today. When they asked him. Why should we believe you now? Listen, so what do you say to people? And there are a lot of people.

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