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Your foreign policy. Your soldiers now serving an army but that means you get loot when we win And this is how we're going to do it. And this is how rome is able to build the deep well of military resources that enable them to for instance compete with carthage in the punic wars. Which are these knock down. Drag out fights The first punic war goes from to sixty four to forty one twenty three year long war and to be clear. That's not one of these on again off again. You declare peace for a few years and that is twenty three years of continuous high intensity military operations. The second punic war isn't a whole lot shorter from two eighteen to two zero two And for fourteen years of that. Hannibal has cartagena army in italy. Stomping around smashing up roman armies. Because he's an almost unbeatable. General and the romans are able to continue competing in that space because their alliance system gives them access to the manpower and resources of all of these non romans so it's the roman management successful roman management of diverse italy that enables them to get their empire in the first place and they don't stop doing this The romans don't make allies when they go outside of italy they make provinces but they then promptly begin recruiting those provincials into the roman army By the reign of tiberius. The second emperor. We're told that. Half of the roman army were the legions which consisted of italians. Now all by this point all the italians are roman citizens to these. The citizen legions. The other half of the roman army where the auxiliary troops recruited from the provinces. These are non roman citizens indeed. The reward for twenty years of service was getting citizenship That was one of the rewards for serving in the zulia and these guys are drawn from all over the empire and so the romans are very aggressive in trying to Again it's it's entirely cynical and opportunistic. They just want to win battles but to win battles They need to harness these diverse populations. And i don't think it's an accident that the political entity that ended up being the best and mobilizing resources from diverse populations in the ancient mediterranean was itself a diverse diversity. Those patterns of thought. That made you politically successful. In diverse tumultuous city like rome and roman italy are likely to be the patterns of thought that are going to make you successful at harnessing Diverse populations abroad and again. This doesn't mean the romans were tolerant. They often weren't it certainly doesn't mean they were committed to tolerance. They weren't the romans. If intolerance and brutality served roman anes they would do that to The romans could be very savage conquers. The process of becoming part of the roman empire was incredibly traumatic and brutal Even in the ancient world which was a pretty doggy dog plays. The romans had a reputation for being nasty. 'cause that tells you a lot I want to talk about warfare. I think you're critical in a recent set of oppose about the idea that there is a universal warrior experience and i. I was surprised to read that. I i do tend to think.

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