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Macleod's going to drift away. It's it's it's completely worthless Charleston. Inst- I wish I was an instagram model. Is what I'm saying. I wish I had huge fame on instagram. Very and I'm trying now to shit on it so that I I feel I have like an excuse for not being that but yeah hill to be an incredibly cool influencer and to be going out with any any hadid you know. If they were age appropriate killing could be a good angle. Perhaps a spite of indiscriminate slaying yes verdict graphs of those people has been an instagram murderer. Yet coenen know yet said right. Then we've got our selves. A number one record will remember this moment. That zing index is unfair in the oed exchange-rate untethered from any kind of Federal Reserve. One zing for like loss of for someone strolling by. It's a very unfair system. Yes no it is unfair. It's completely insane but it all it all comes from self-loathing it all comes from self hate or self criticism it's like the flip side to narcissism is I fucking hate myself and I And so That is that is what it look. We all know the feeling of. It's a cliche but you perform in front of five hundred people and four hundred ninety nine or laughing and one isn't you'll see the one that isn't And then you will be backstage wondering what the Fuck was wrong with that guy. And that is I think Where you get the wait a minute. That's not fair. One out of one out of five hundred so got one negative thing for four hundred ninety nine positive Zang's and you've given the one negative one much more power than it deserves. But that's all of us all of us are you could get you know Ten thousand great reviews online but is why I don't go anywhere near this stuff but And then one person says I don't know I think he sucks and that's what you're going to be thinking about as you drift off to sleep. I think what is describing is zing hyperinflation which occurred in Germany after the Treaty of facility. A second so innocent we can blame the allies big wheelbarrow fully and what a loaf of bread. That's probably nice setting down with no. It's a well known historic fact that after World War. One resolved that the allies imposed harsher penalty On on Germany and and and that led to the collapse of their currency Zang's and that later that resentment of zing loss later on zing hyperinflation led to World War. Two so this is all leading to another cataclysm. If we're not careful one plucky little guy sore an opportunity there in that absence of Zing Zang thought I can really start corralling the sings if I can get costume right. Did you just describe Adolf Hitler as a plucky little guy? That's that is I watch a lot of. I watch a lot of history documentaries. I read a lot about the second world. War never ever have. I heard anyone's described Adolf Hitler argue arguably in the running with Stalin as one of the worst despots of any century as a plucky little guy very easy to focus on the naked. If so so let me get this straight then would stall it. What WOULD STALIN BE? If Hitler is a plucky little guy. What is what is Stalin is? Is he a kindly old man with a bit of a little bit of a hitch in his snap often keys an adorable old uncle now living? I would love to hear your history. Your History of the twentieth century with everyone described as Oh should have oh Mao weaknesses. Twinkle in his eye and sympathetic. Looker dictators. Yeah no but you're right you're right Hitler if you think about it if you really WanNa get he. He capitalized on people's anger. Over negative things and try to hyper inflate positive. Things and this analysis will end up. I'll do I'll go to prison for. I think probably ultimately for this analysis sooner or later yes like I mean. The sign rap was held aloft. I think someone responsive of our repositioning of Adolf Hitler is a little guy. Rob of one of history's great monsters. Well what we're seeing is the other side of the coin. That's all and I. I know that they'll be letters written Because I think it's nine hundred twenty five. That's right letters. Disapproving letters will be written and put in the Post. I think as you like to say Russell Yes yes. That's that's one of our redeems. They're all our deums. Do you like to take a lift to get on to lift or you get on an elevator. Would you like to do on the lift? Do you go to the bathroom. Do you go to the loo. I to the Levy Sir. I want to go to the levy of the water closet if someone says. Do you mean the bathroom. I roll my eyes and just passed a stool there and then.

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