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On the republican side of the ledger right now i think the democrat brand is tainted in these twenty republicans whose names are going to get posted on of the i'm going to post him on my facebook section on i want you to remember who they are the baturin republicans had voted against you are getting a tax cut i don't know whether they're trying to be cute i don't know what what their deal is and uh there are other arms side of the fence on this and we're gonna make sure everybody knows it let's get to the phones al detroit your first on the issue go ahead johanna konta laura route broke vote for golkar voter perry are undemocratic fake and they're trying to build better job or they say but another quick knockout boy we're not between up ago hydro war award there were carnegie written couldn't get the first aren't or day current edgar which will rather care not you're not every there you're talking about and not being anything f nobody a called over corey hirsch curry every time that put back i think of ever cannot be brought an an any kind of matter record on criminal horrible that's why i remember who were out connector but beleaguered every i would add up to that group it does seem bernie baram none of financing i know actually make really look bad we're not even though i support tropic right governor effort no they are anchored but i think you're going to see mr colmey and a lot of heat on this one because he you have every time he turn around his name comes up um but i i don't know we're gonna have cr that shakes out albeque as you're absolutely right about the fruit of the boy's injury so we'll just have to wait and see you were you call that right three months ago i remember the call eight hundred ninety three 93 eighty five let's talk with james in detroit on.

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