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Comedy live, reliable are man. It's rob has a podcast. And now, here's a guy who's big brother. Recaps are about the length of the Joey's bathroom time. I am rob sister. Now already welcome back to a Saturday night's big brother Vic shin. We don't have too many of these in the course of the year. But we have a lot to talk about tonight with a great panel. And let's go ahead. And of course, so excited to have back on the podcast somebody who has been I'm sure bottled up and ready to go like a can of soda that's been all shaken up for about nine days. Brent welcome is back here on the podcast brand. How're you? I enjoy doing great hit has been a hot minute since I have been on the show. And let me tell you. I have some pinions about what's happening in the house. Yes. Okay. Well buckle up everybody. Because I think it's been about nine days since breath has been on a podcast. I think not since the LLC roundtable last week. Have we heard from Brent? So it's going to be a fun one tonight. And of course, very excited to have a back with us tonight to help us break. This all town, the great Mary Caskey Mary. How are you? I I'm a little bit dizzy, but hopefully, I can sell down. Hopefully, we can kick this podcast writers yellow goal. Yes. Yes. Hopefully, hopefully, we can Mary are you prepared for full Brent tonight that he is going to be like, maybe perhaps like a wound up Lolo Jones. Great. I'm just going to be candy sitting there front row seat to action. Okay. All right. Well, we're going to have a lot of fun tonight going through everything here with. Everybody watching us live here on a Saturday night as we break down another Vic shin hashtag R H A P for everything that you want to say later on in the show. We'll take your questions, and we'll talk about everything probably unless they get this H O H competition in that has not been how they've handled their business here in big brother celebrity. We'll talk a lot about everything that we saw. And we'll be able to get into some things that we didn't see as well as we discuss everything coming up here on a Saturday night. We back again live a Monday night. So this'll be a real quick turnaround of forty eight hour HOA JR..

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