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Footwear Boss Toma. He took care of him in his final days. Great Grace and dignity. The president's oldest son, Beau. Died from brain cancer at Walter Reed in May of 2015, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to be at the center of disputes. This time it involves her neighbor in the U. S. Capitol. This was Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene recording a Twitter video on her phone when Democrat Cori Bush screamed for her to put on a mask. Yeah, don't yell at people, you certain brain profit. Accident members in here that was Marjorie Green, yelling back Democrat Corey Bushes. Green has made her a target of those inciting violence, and speaker Pelosi is now taking the extraordinary step of letting Bush move her office away from the freshman Republican lawmaker. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington The tribute planned for one of the police officers who died following that deadly January 6th insurrection. On Capitol Hill. Here's ABC struck secrets in the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sick. Nick will lie in honor in the U. S Capitol Rotunda next Tuesday and Wednesday, say Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer sick. Nick was fatally hurt in the storming of the capital by rioters collapsing when he returned to headquarters, say police officials sick. Nick was a military veteran, a staff sergeant for the New Jersey National Guard. Sick Nick's body will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Taking some time to greet some of the National Guard troops standing watch over the nation's capital or just come by and say thanks for what you're doing,.

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