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Inches at Seattle Tacoma airport. I'm Evan Haning. WMA AOL news at seven oh two. I'm Steve coming. He knows people on both sides of the aisle are calling for him to resign. But Virginia governor Ralph Northam told CBS this morning. He's staying put I don't live in a vacuum. So yes, I I have heard it. And I've had this has been a difficult week. And again, I'm fine. It's been mainly difficult for Virginia in this country. So yes, I have thought about resigning, but but I've also thought about what Virginia need right now. And I really think that I'm in a position where where I can take Virginia to the next level. It will be very positive in another interview yesterday with the Washington Post. He said he will spend the last three years of his term addressing issues of inequality, especially when it comes to healthcare housing and transportation, meanwhile, Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax says the sexual contact. He had with two women now accusing him of sexual assault was consensual. He's demanding the FBI investigate. But at Fairfax doesn't resign today. Delegate Patrick hope says he'll. Start the impeachment process against him. Tomorrow, political scientists Dr Steven Farnsworth with the university of Mary Washington says the impeachment proceeding moving forward would certainly be very very difficult. Lieutenant governor both of Fairfax's accusers say they will testify against him. If there's an impeachment Harry as for a timeline for the impeachment process. Farnsworth said that would be up to the legislature, Maryland state police say there has been a jump in the number of scam colors, the colors poses government or agencies asking for personal information, like your social security numbers are using scare tactics. It's technology to attempt to take advantage of the public. Ron Snyder with Maryland state police senior citizen or a family member that is a senior citizen, please be aware and sort of that they are aware of these scans. They don't fall victim. To them. Snyder warns if you get such a call hang up and call Maryland state police to report it Barbara brick WMA, Ellen WMA L dot com. Wwl news time seven oh four now. WMA, traffic.

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