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Wouldn't and i've got i've got a movie called. Meet john doe. That's sort of like a christmas movie. That i would put ahead of that but It's okay it's fun to watch. Where would the godfather be on your list. It sounds like you'd have several movies ahead of it. I would the maltese falcon a headed chance. Another one. I've been seen that. Yeah i mean the maltese. Falcon is an unbelievable script. Hitchcock movies where do they rank. You know i'm not catch cockeyed there. They rank among the greatest of all time. Some of them Rear window vertigo. I'm not used. Except for the birds i'd like. The birds was pretty scary. I watched that one. Yeah yeah but But start start with one and and take baby steps. You know 'cause because your life is a little bit crazy right now. I don't know if you have time to sit down and watch citizen kate I did watch. And i got caught up on ted lasso the other night and can't wait for the next episode of that. So that's is that that's the thing i'm focused on. The formula one is come to a halt the last two weeks. i'm through the first five episodes. I'm enjoying it though for those that have reached out to. Hey that was a good recommendation. It's not a recommendation. Because i've completed its recommendation because i've started and i am enjoying it a lot. I am all right. I'm look let's get to a one thing i wanted to talk about. What happened in my life. did you get your get. Your is shot up again. No this is a different procedure different. I had to have laser surgery in my right eye. Your laser you know. I i had a cataract surgery on both. I remember the which was this. Is going to be one of those squeamish. People are going to be covering their ears. Get me through this quickly Little things from you where we end up with the the is are really a sensitive area for a lot of people. A of people don't like to hear the stories of of things happening to there is. I know this is kind of supernatural. So you got to hear this okay. So i had to have laser surgery. I want any is because a cloud had formed Behind the lens that they had put in which is a common occurrence head. Yeah yeah so basically they go in and clean it up. you know. it's like clean up the surgery. It's pretty simple. They do it right in the office. You know you. You're out but and you know she. She they put the eye drops in your eyes and your eyes. She says you're not gonna feel anything. It's not gonna be uncomfortable. But she right before she starts. You might feel click In the back of your head coach. I don't think so so i would. I'd rather talk about jimmy moreland and troy app key right now so much more and i don't even wanna talk about that and i feel this cloud on the back of my head back. God i hope you took like valium or xanax or something. Be before all of this to really make sure that you were loopy. No i think it didn't hurt. It was just like what's inside my skull back in my skull there was a click steve shop for those of you that here these things and then develop like similar symptoms. I'm sorry i'm really sorry about this. I had no idea what he was going to say. No supernatural click inside your head. We go back to old movies. How about dr strangelove. Absolutely dr strangelove. Peter sellars played three roles. Dr strangelove car named desire right. That's a movie great. Play a great move okay. I didn't even know it was a play on the waterfront. I think it's more of a great brand new movie in movies that were made from. Let's just say nineteen seventy five on. Okay so you know movies seventy five on you. Miss chinatown seventy on because godfather to obviously Okay from from nineteen seventy on. Because you know we are. We do on this. Show live in a world of of kevin's life. That he remembers not not going back for nothing exists. Yes before see right Nineteen seventy on godfather jaws Start start listing. Some great movies from from you know from that period on obviously we have so many of the tarantino movies in recent movies. Gimme your godfather number one. Please tell me that. Nineteen seventy and on godfather's number one. Well i you know my favorite or what i think are the greatest movie movies. Aren't they both the same one in the same because my my number one would be would be a miller's crossing recognize. That's not a greater movie then the godfather godfather too so i would put both those ahead. I would put chinatown And the top five of the greatest movies since nineteen seventy i would put raging bull.

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