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Insult to injury. You see thomas go ahead and take your girl. Tammy what was going through your head. When i went down so dude like tammy and that day so i guess amy rose Afterwards walk into the backstory sleep. She says our only give you my rose next week like your my gut right down my flat out. She's straight and say that's me right. And i'm like okay. It's looking like i liked where security but also like dude. I just like the girl. I was dough out like at the beginning of the rose ceremony. First night. I sat her down at the very beginning of the of the whole night. And i was j sammy. I'm gonna give you my rose tonight. i don't want you to night i don't want you to worry. I want you to have fun. Go hang out with your friends and drink. Whatever you wanna do and there's no you're safe among give you my rouse like and i just wanted to be comfortable because i i live. And then she was like thank. You and i did exactly that. And she said she was gonna give me arose after. Because i think she was kind of reciprocating what i had done previously tonight. obviously didn't happen right now the the next following week after that She didn't want almost like she did want to spend time with me ever. She was talking everyone else. Let she had told me was that she was matchmaking. People with other people. She was like she she was like. I'm matchmaking. thomas with mari right. 'cause 'cause she's like thomas million mari airing your by. Trust me on matchmaking. Thomas with mari right now was she doing. Do you think she was doing. Have to get a reaction thomas to see what he was really thinking. I have no idea. it's like it. I enjoyed it but like you wanted to wanted her to match make you in her. I wanted to spend some time with like. I constantly try to. And she called me clinging or she said it was like she said i was cleaning and i was like when she said it was a was smothering her. That's what she told people and throws right there. Dude i was like i didn't know what to do. I was like dude on third ivan's cuddled up with justinian. Twenty four seven noticed abigail. I can't spend more than like an hour to tammy without smothering. Her column is way. I forgot all about that. Yeah and so. I'm i'm three again trying here But i don't wanna smother her. I don't wanna look like a loser and like insecure when she's talking all these other people as she told me she's matchmaking them and i'm like okay i'm going to be like the cool right boyfriend or not abominably. The cool die. And like say and i was like. Hey your life teen mom. Honestly that's admirable later doing that I'm here for you right. And she's like i'm gonna go massenet's thomas barton..

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