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Over skills the courage of Nassar's victims will Trump Putin top, official, I'm Evan Haning. At last night's Espy, awards, the winning took. The stage to a, standing ovation that lasted, nearly two minutes Those suffering to hold here Stand tall when speaking you're sure because I'm here to tell you that you. Cannot silence this Sean forever Olympic gymnasts. In Nassar victim alley race men speaking during ESPN's broadcast of the annual award show. Before the award, was presented the survivors detail. Their accounts of the abuse they suffered at the hands of Nassar the former team doctor for USA gymnastics and Michigan State University correspondent TJ Katini along with President Trump's denials that he meant to throw US intelligence under the bus and questioned the fact that Russia interfered in. The two thousand sixteen elections the White House says the president may, turn over, former US ambassador Michael McFaul and other Americans to Moscow for questioning by. Russian, authorities when press secretary Sarah. Sanders was, asked about this she said the president's going to meet with his team and we'll let, you know announcement, on, that, but State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert shot down the idea immediately I can tell you is that the overall search assertions that have come out of the. Russian, government are absolutely absurd well some Areas of the country face excessive heat warnings today meteorologist Pedram Java Harry forecast heavy storms as well three your weather generally the concern across portions of Iowa on areas around Minnesota and. Wisconsin the biggest threat for this as for some hail and certainly, some damaging, winds into the afternoon hours about three million people impacted by it with. The, highest area of concern around. It Moines, Californians will not vote on an initiative to divide the state into three states California Supreme, Court yesterday blocked, proposition, nine, from appearing on the November ballot the court cited significant questions about the propositions validity right now on Wall Street Dow SNP NASDAQ futures are lower I'm. Evan, Haning Broadcasting live from the San Francisco. Bay area this is talk radio. Five sixty ks.

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