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Dot com back live about Hansel and WCM here the port is blowing up and you know we've got to go to this guy Bruce who's been patiently waiting for almost fifteen minutes wow well thank you Bruce Bruce you're live on the bypass your your question or comment for myself for Mister Wallace a couple comments and maybe maybe a question is there okay so I was the longest since nineteen seventy eight apartment complex within walking distance I bought this house in nineteen eighty one expat all minus the tax now and I've never seen it is bad it is now the crying the opiate addictions so many city services it's ridiculous and obviously the third person is crime and I agree with education but apparently is a lot of problems were out that the school district I understand that also I believe education isn't just about a degree it's about your entire life my house is full of books I'm a blue collar guy as as a as a member so hearing here in jail anyway a lot of things have changed former city is Indian culture might not support also interference obviously the crying you'll be detection but also city services I think there is a person next to me in my neighborhood there's somebody somebody been running a junk yard I scrap operations Adam this detached house and I've been complaining for too many every year to try to stop it is owning issue it's a quality of life and the illegal drugs all over Baltimore city yes I've been I've been an advocate for this and well any counseling with direction representing my district Z. Caroline Hicks no well yeah don't don't get me started on C. K. I'm sorry for it yeah yeah you know it helps our country the controller don't practice out that would connect it is and what printer a delegate the Maryland General Assembly yeah and I'm pulling for you I don't know that much about you but it's difficult for any for any independent consumers I mean to cut you off you got another call and I want Mr I'm running out of time here are you still living in the city now yes unfortunately okay so you're living well we're gonna hang in there you could you could you could hang in there till November when things are gonna change right you promised me but we need you out there we need you know Bob agrees do we need everybody Bruce this is about everybody this man's going to lift us up when we're gonna and he's going to take the lead on all the stuff he's got a fabulous business mind but he's got a great heart and and we talked about that proves one thing we've we've missed in this city the servant leadership and and you know that needs to come back and and I think he's bringing that back course listen Sir thank you so much for your patience hanging on hang in there because hopes up hopes on its way let's take one more call it real quick any we've got we'll in Baltimore so you're live in about half show you have obviously will need I love your show but first off I want to I want to give a shout out to one of my best friends and in the world glad you're still live in brother he had a massive heart attack yesterday for five stents put in a note with a ninety percent blockage in the class you're still living brother but I'm voting for Bob Wallace I want to say hi and I am going to send money to Bob Wallace I've been following him for a while research Bob Wallace she she only one out there that's worth anything and by the way people like Bruce this call buying a home he's the one that makes the city go round yeah but I voted in cherry hill yesterday the other day and you know but I just wanna ask you one thing I just want to say one I just want to state this one point we thought you name me one city and you can't do it I know that the union one city in the United States where white people go out and murder hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of their fellow citizens you can't do it but all in here what happened conversely speaking in this study we hundreds in the hot blacks are going out and murdering hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of our fellow citizens it it's just an outrage and that's the only thing I wanted to say you know other than our support Bob Wallace following him for a while you know I appreciate him as whole story that's the kind of guy that we need and we gotta get behind him with money that's all thank you all right I appreciate that thank you so much we'll for calling public get back to this because our time's gonna die I want to make it go through all these things you talk about your you know what why do this I mean you are a very successful guy I I know your heart you know it's been a little bit of time together we spoke on the phone a number of time Bob you could kind of go off and enjoy your life yes Sir you've worked very hard your son is sitting here next to you why do this bomb we know about I go back to a quote that was that that that that that the Albert Einstein said at the height of the the the rise of Nazism in Germany where what to and what he said was as Hitler was consolidating his power and in **** Germany he said that the world is a dangerous place not not because of those who commit evil but because of those who see evil and do nothing while I'm not suggesting that the leadership has been evil what I am suggesting is that it has not been efficient no it's not been a servant leadership model and so for men and women who see that and noted the strong and not do anything about it yeah we are just as bad as anyone else so my view is stop complaining yeah jump in and out to which you can to make the system better yes I'm conscionable I mean a and a and a in in the service a lot of these people I listen I I'm just not a fan of Catherine PO I went on the air on October fifth of two thousand eighteen and I call for her resignation long before healthy all year and I felt I had the sense Bob that these were people who were not in it for others they read it for themselves it was either the next election or or whatever and and I and I and then when Jack young came on board we talked about that I think in fairness a lot of these people they don't have the vision they don't have the experience and you have a problem they don't have you had we've all had successes and failures and growing things over and and all of that and so I think that's from my perspective that's one of the things that you bring to the guy that just called you know when you look around the folks is not about the big Democrat Republican you know we got Mister Wallace is an independent is going to run and and I I gotta tell you look around at all let's let's just blank slate you look around a lot of these cities are struggling they are run by democratic mayors a lot of these places a lot of these problems are very similar one place to the next I don't know how we argue with the facts I don't know when you look at this we look at the Baltimore city school system it's failed this stage thirty the murder rate these are the facts absolutely that's why I say this to to to to to the the people Baltimore give me a chance back give it give an independent businessman entrepreneur engineer give me a chance to show a different path to victory the I think that our city can engage in but I need people to give me a chance I need to go to Wallace for mayor dot com if they want to donate well they want to volunteer they have ideas about that they want to provide to solve problems we are open we are building a team of diverse people from different backgrounds who have great ideas we have one thing in common they have a passion to turn Baltimore around at passion is no color no religion or whatever you've got you've got to have you said boots on the ground you got to have skin in the game or all those all those you know cliches that we can definitely use Bob is there one thing in particular for you as as a business guy that really see I mean it's broken systemically but is there one thing that you would you talked about restoring hope and vision for people that you want to attack and counterattack immediately they have some results your first day in office what would that be so I I think for right now the most the most important issue about is the crisis in in public safety right public safety and public safety okay because what that what's happening is is that businesses like mine right leaving the city families are leaving the city yeah so bit so so if we can't fix that they were going to use lose our tax base that's right lose out if they're not coming back and not coming back they're not hard to get him back yeah it was hard to get back in their first one Hundred Days we want to dress the crisis of public safety love that we won't attack these these drug these drug market scripted out all throughout the city that these guys are dealing drugs with no no oversight from police no consequences no consequences so we want to deal with that with a deal getting boots on the ground in the find creative ways to get boost in presence in the community thank you they need help hold that thought first we got to take a break we'll be right back in just a little bit this W. 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