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Too much money. The gate will go up. And within two months you'll have satisfied your conscience. You'll satisfy the conwell pennsylvania. Would they come get me. Is there any way they can get my address for my license can find out. It's it's called the betsy ross. Bridge nice five in pennsylvania where it recently burned down right by us. That's why i had to take that bridge back to reach the pennsylvania transp- transportation authority. Okay okay. delaware's a delaware pennsylvania Coming from new jersey into pennsylvania pennsylvania. The bridges actually in pennsylvania jersey to pennsylvania. New jersey a bridge over between the two states. Also both states. Oh it's the federal government then it's a federal concern so i don't know it seems to be run by the delaware port authority. Okay the delaware because over the delaware river. Maybe we have on the phone. You gotta be kidding me. I'm not going to believe this. Hold on we're not giving him you on name. Evidently doug and ken have just somehow gotten a hold of who dawn somebody. Who's the bridge manager. Hello don gale. All this is cruel. I really was ready to pay the two dollars. Sure.

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