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Point nine percent of the total population is fully vaccinated in africa around four percent of the total population of that continent has been fully backs naked. Africa has the lowest vaccination rate of any continent the five african countries with the lowest vaccination rates are the democratic republic congo. Tanzania shod through dan and burkina-fasso all with less than one percent of their population fully vaccinated. President biden has made the united states. The world's leader and distributing free vaccine to other countries. Joining us now is moist paste the director of the office of global affairs department of health and human services. Thank you very much for joining us tonight. what are some of the challenges. You're facing in actually getting these vaccines delivered especially to countries. Where refrigeration is a challenge for the pfizer vaccine and where they not only don't have refrigeration but they don't have the generators to power. Refrigeration is there. Is there some infrastructure element to this well first off lawrence. It was exciting the announcement the president made today as stating that we will be able to purchase an additional five hundred million bringing our total to about a billion that will be sharing for the next year But you're right. There are challenges with regards to readiness that we need to consider as well and that was also a part of today's kovic summit discussion when we think about issues like refrigeration and other logistics. Those are certainly issues that we're focused on here at hhs and across the government and we're actually working in countries like those. You named the drc in particular to help bring them up to a standard where they can absorb this pfizer vaccine. We've been able to work with them. On a bola vaccine distribution for example. So we're confident in our partnerships on the ground and that we can accelerate the uptake of what we're providing. What a what is on your wishlist That the united states hasn't yet been able to get to in terms of international support. Well i think some of that is outlined what we share today but one key piece honestly is just transparency. One of the biggest questions we have is what supplies really available. And we're not sure if some of the issues around the supply of vaccines is related to the supply chain itself If there are regulatory issues in countries or something else entirely like the logistics you mentioned and we're hopeful that by bringing the global community together including companies as well as a heads of government. We can look more closely at what we're all tracking and just be honest with one. Another frankly about what's in the pipeline. What's projected versus actually available and so one of our calls was for that level of data transparency in and that communication. We found when we're able to have those conversations with other government leaders or industry leaders that we fair a lot better in the support. We're trying to offer worldwide loose. Listen to more of what the president had to say today. We also know from experience that getting those vaccines in the people's arms may be the hardest logistical challenge. We faced today. The united states is also announcing that we're providing an additional three hundred seventy million dollars to support administering the shots and delivery globally and we will be providing more than three hundred eighty million dollars to assist in the global vaccine alliance gabby to further facilitate vaccine distribution in regions in the greatest with the greatest name. The united states is so far out in front of any other country and this kind of sharing of the vaccine. What what is the united states. Doing to try to encourage other countries with the capacity to share the vaccine. Well that was a big impetus for our meeting today. Lawrence really bringing the world together and giving them. The platform to share with us with their ambitions will be. We know that more needs to be done right. And we've been doing a lot as you said but we're even willing to put more out there to put more on the table and so our call to action for other countries to do the same that something a lot of people don't realize is as we continue to contribute these additional doses there is still a number of doses that have yet to be unlocked right there. A number of commitments that have yet to be fulfilled and so one of our asks for g. seven leaders for example and other countries who've made commitment is just to make make good on this commitments and it was very hopeful to hear the president of the for example. Say just that wars pays thank you very much for joining us tonight on this important story really appreciate it. Thank you lawrence coming up. It seems impossible to be a.

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