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This is the money matters show And this is being Greenberg and I've got Stephanie for filling Greenberg and they've sure with all with me. I appreciate your listening so little we capture the markets were down a little bit this week. First time I know when it's in a couple of months, but for the month was still up a little bit about a half a percent for the month. But the big question is where do we go from here? Okay. Where do we go from here? Well. We just got hit with Ah, propose. Another $1.9 trillion Covert bill with a lot of things in and I might not be covert, but that's gonna happen. All right. We just we spent two chilling in a march and 900 billion called a Trillion, so that's 2345 almost 4.5 to $5 Trillion we spent. The question isn't where we pay for it. The markets and nervous we got to see it. But here's the thing we'll go to have Pullbacks. Gonna have 3% 5%. Maybe even the 10% pullback. The liquidity that's on the sidelines, meaning money cash that wants to buy coming in from the full one K plans coming in from retirement plans, but not just here around the world, the liquidity with the stimulus plans that are coming in. I believe that these there's no matter what happens. I'm going to come in. They're going to buy the shorts are gonna have to cover The money is going to flow up and you're gonna see money pour in to the mutual funds and every place else. We have a backstop. We have the Fed that keeping us our rage low. We have the government that's willing to step up. And and by, uh and tell the Fed by increased their balance sheets. We do not want a recession. We know this is not the people's fault with Colbert. So the government's going to do everything and I'm gonna throw money at it. We do need to have a plan on how we get out of this debt. But right now they're going to throw money. So think about this. It's not just the United States of America's economy. Let's see every economy in the world. Joe Biden is a globalist. We're going from being a protectionist toe a globalist mindset, which means the world and this is why Wall Street wanted Biden. They wanted to go back to the Obama global type of ideals where we're doing business with. Everybody doesn't benefit America that much, but it benefits These big national companies, but benefits Ah Wall Street. They threw money on it because they know the deals that they can make worldwide. The stimulus is going to be world wide. That means history repeats itself. The roaring twenties will come. It will not surprise me. Not surprised me to see us somewhere before we're out of the twenties here. Be close to 100,000, okay? Sounds crazy, right? I told you we'd be a 30,000. If Trump stayed in medium and have to stay in. We still got to 30,000. We're going to go up. 10% gives us too Already 3020% gets us the 36 You compound this in three years we're gonna be over. 40,000 just had a normal 7 12% type of return. If we have those, and you say that's crazy. You realize how Fast the markets could move. But remember, they could go in either direction. Why do I think there's a backstop? Because the stimulus? Why do I think there's a backstop? Because the feds going to keep just rates low at least through this year? Maybe next. Why do I think there's a backstop is because they're going to let inflation come back more than 2%. Why do I think there's a back? Stop it because it's a global situation. Look for your opportunities When the markets get over, done overheated, takes the money and look for other things. They will come be patient. My boy. Enjoy it, because when this bubble pops What you're going to see. Is a deep deep recession. I don't think depression but then the scenario B. Inflation will go get going. You'll get run away. We're gonna have to raise rates. We won't raise him fast enough. The hottest economy that you're gonna have is going to slow down. And go to a screeching halt. If you don't think I'm telling you the truth, remember 2018. How fast of 20% drop we had when the Fed raised interest rates, Okay, so the bottom line is, Don't be afraid of declines right now embrace him. We're gonna be biased. Let it right up. If you need protection, we've got ah strategic protection model that could protect it to the downside on a buffa, you know, not sure exactly depends where the whole mix it, but The market's really fall hard you could lose, you know 10 12 15% with down 40 50%. But on the upside, you're gonna make probably 70 80% of what the market's doing The upside. It's a great plan. We can show it to you. If you are nervous about what's happening and interest rates have been on the rise. Banking stocks do better when interest rates rise in banking stocks at a multi year high this week last week And the raid on the 10 year Treasury has this is this is crazy. The rate on the 10 year Treasury has risen 20% this year. In just nine trading days is the first time I got over, 1% says. March this beautiful. This goes from 10.8. I understand it goes from 0.8 to 1. It's like who cares right? But that's 24 25%. What I think 1.1 on Friday. Yeah, I'm like that. So is that the beginning of the end? Probably not. But we are seeing rates edged higher. We've We've taken the step of moving all of our fixed income into short term fixed income, which has less Interest rate risk, and it has less downside risk. If there's a market pullback. The one risk that remains is that interest rates rise rather quickly, and we added some protection this week, there's an E T F that Goes the same two times as fast as interest rates higher. And so we added that a small position that that every one of our accounts so we're in there looking every every week. Every day and doing doing things we think are appropriate. The speculative Fervor in the market is Israel and it's alive and well, we see it every single day. Whether it be that, uh, the Bitcoin or Bitcoins an interesting one because I Just be careful with Bitcoin. I mean, there's three ways you can buy Bitcoin. You can go to the coin base. You can go to the A. T m on the corner now or you give Dave the money. He'll go Do the bed. The drop for you. Hey knows where it is. I know where that eight PM is First Avenue in Glen Z Market. There's probably others in town. I just I happen. Our client took Santa. He had put that one in, so he knew there was one there and I just had to see how work and it's absolutely amazing. It's like an A T. M and you take cash and yourself and you put cat I had to pretend I was buying $20 worth to get to the point where I could see what they were charging. I didn't buy any but I but I had to get help to get to that point. Um, because I only hear $20 gets about 52,000 about about I think the 52,000 get you $20 or something. Yeah, well, you the Bitcoin caused A week ago. Friday. It I think was $43,000 per coin, and the machine wanted $53,000 a rate of $53,000 buying $20 worth you getting 2053 thousands of Bitcoin But like a good deal to me, right, But you know there is there is a Bitcoin is slowly but steadily gaining more and more acceptance. Using on Instagram a lot more these like on these stories and stuff about Or it's like they're considering..

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