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Is a freebie and let's go to Rick in India with the this morning's reception report hello all radio Rick how are you this morning good morning Gerry death Hey I'm doing well and I'm actually loosing view five by five Bonnie listing house about a nineteen sixty one clock radio that is also the MFM that he's and the the ability is not fantastic but you know it's pretty wonderful and the thing I like the most about it is the Cochran told slow and I kinda like that because I think it's giving me some extra time and I think yeah makes makes total sense so how did you come across this sixty one Westinghouse clock radio oddly enough a little bit out of your bailiwick I know you work on all kinds but anyway go ahead what is out of my Bailey wake and I just love to work mainly with the media I took my daughter found it it is three shop and somebody had reached out to me a couple months ago from your listening audience and said you know we love to have a clock radio that was classic but good grief can get one that doesn't actually worked in a space heater also yeah right absolutely so this one is called statins got altering the through the net and yeah my eyes I see my daughter found it and it's it's one of those I don't know what kind of plastic it is but it's one of those that if someone ever gotten hearing it went from the stark white or the ivory white was originally to that goofy yellow color yeah we even computer equipment so soon after it's been exposed to I mean I think that the nice words the diplomatic terms bays but it's not really beige it's just some awful Iggy yellow or what have her but it's not good news newspapers been said now the sun on the porch for a week I'll get the perfect analogy yes Sir I get it I get it so when we might we we see you well definitely on the fifteenth and aside from that it's just a matter of me getting my all my stuff together to actually bring stuff home to their their collective owners thank you thank you for calling and stuff but the way I appreciate the help to the dump button Rick have a lovely lovely day and enjoy your Westinghouse clock radio I buddy old radio Rick at G..

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