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Center falls under storms tonight out in the Texas panhandle or not here in southeastern parts of the state we have a front draped offered to our north and that will eventually bring the chance FOR thunderstorms our way late Wednesday and they're more likely to Thursday Friday is a new piece of whether energy comes into the forecast word sixty eight degrees tonight mostly cloudy Tuesday high of eighty six I'm meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel it's eighty four degrees at the KTR H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center is three thirty one our top story president Donald Trump is providing an update in the rose garden at this hour same we mourn for every life that has been claimed by the coronavirus he says at least a hundred in eighty four countries have been impacted in one way or another by coping nineteen aces America leads the world in testing he also says the workers on dissent ventilators to other countries that are in need the White House briefing follows news that two White House aides tested positive for coronavirus man has been arrested after leading Houston police on it nearly one hour long chase through the city the chase started just after one o'clock at six ten and main street officers say it started when the driver refused to comply during a traffic stop authorities have not released a reason why he ran the chase ended just before two o'clock on read road just off state highway two eighty eight Major League Baseball owners are in favor of restarting America's pastime around July fourth they've approved a proposal today A. L. now go to the players union no fans would be allowed in the ball parks once the league begins a shortened season news on the Medicaid here H. dot com I Y. Goolsby newsradio seven forty KTRE H. the the global death toll from covert nineteen has surpassed two hundred fifty thousand the US has had more deaths sixty nine thousand than any other country the major hot spot is New York city and its suburbs governor Andrew Cuomo says New York businesses will re open in stages to reduce the risk of a second wave.

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