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The only value that can be had is the involuntary comedy. I laughed out loud. Seventy five percent of this movie's running time why because was this movie is ridiculous. The only same reaction to is to evil laugh all to leave the only redeeming quality of this movie is Helen. Mirren is probably the best just living actress of all times. It's is absolutely a pleasure to see her perform even in a pile of crop that is a pathetic excuse for a film nice so that's the energy. I disagree with all of you. People were thank you. I think this is a phone action movie from Lubaton. It's not Warren piece is not trying to be some slick serious Oscar winning movie. It's an action movie the good one UH above average Jackson action movie I reckon I mean because we've seen lots of Badakshan movies too true so movie recommendations. Thanks to Lionsgate actually fall the BLU ray four K. and next week. We're going to be reviewing the Danny Boyle's latest movie yesterday yesterday. All my troubles seem so thaw or you just slapped with a bill from Ball McCartney. I I probably grab it. Paul's my friend out government. Call you thinking that my rendition of that was enough off to make anyone recognize what it was. Thank you upload this to Youtube. Il Il flagler anyway. Move Recommendations I'm going with atomic bond because it's probably the best example of this genre. I think that's seen in recent times. come on. Leon which is my favorite example of this younger. which is what like Action Action Woman? Yeah Leon is a fantastic industy. Movie is still holds up watch. It is one of lupus on's bests. That's fine are a little different. I'M GONNA go with the movies that are think any watch just for the I don't know call back to a nicer time of life now. I'm not saying that the people in these movies Nice because Judy Garland on wasn't Nice I know that I'm fully aware of who she was as a person but wizard of Oz is one of those movies that when I watch I'm like transported to my grandmother's floor or in front of her console TV on Thanksgiving night when my dad was bitching because he wanted to go home is a forty minute drive we'd had Thanksgiving and they always put on Thanksgiving and I I would lay on the floor with my face in my little hands listening to him. Tell mom we need to go. Come on. We need to go and I know my mother was probably thinking Gosh. She's watching the wizard of Oz. I don't WanNa like I don't want to take her away from her wizard of Oz and of course it would have been on from like seven to ten because it would have added shitload commercials made it all evening long probably yeah and so that's what takes me back to and I loved it then and I would love it again. Now now the other one MS Charlie and the chocolate factory you don't call it that I call it Charlie and the chocolate country. What do we call it? Willy Wonka and the Jaguars back the British ways challenge correct so Willy Wonka and because again. It's just got that like it's weird and it's says some social commentary and it's just just a release. It's it's a fun fun romp of Midi so very go to do not even bother the Tim Burton remake 'cause I don't what to do if they want to. Watch it watch. If you WanNa Watch a bug me listen to you. You're no more credible than those one-star people all right so if I agree with you. Are you scully stuff I am going with. I've been playing some more games from game. Pass xbox game. That's the game called dead cells. which is a two day? You see me playing this two eight bit style. PLATFORMA and it's a rogue gleich which rogue like what is rogue like means sits up. I don't know now you don't know rogue like non genre of video game all right. I'll explain what rogue Leykis you are. You start the game and you play it and you'll you will die. You know is kind of designed leaned that you're going to die and then you'll die and then you will come back to life this dead cells. You know you can't die but you do. Come back and then you what you did pre prior. If you unlock anything in your prior run through of the game you will keep that stuff so hence the second time time you play the game it might be slightly easier because you've got better stuff and the more you die the better stuffy get keep going into the game trying in to get as far as you count collecting stuff only to die and then to eventually be reincarnated with the stuff you already collected. Eventually you get to a point where you so oh powerful because all the stuff you guys so you can finish the game so it's like designed for you to play through it lots and lots the same levels over and over again while that sounds really boring. It isn't because the actual loop of well this this. This run is going to be much easier because I just found a solid. The is fifty times more powerful than the one in the last. It just makes it really fun so that's what a rogue blankets so also rogue like no no so yeah dead cells. It's free on game played a law this week. It's really good. I've also played. There's a new racing game out called L. W. R. C. Rally eight and is the eighth of these rally games dirt Rally Code Masters Make Raleigh Games called dirt rally and that kind of the you know the premium top end of rally motorsport games and W I see rally has always been like the budget title is kind of the same kind of gain but it's not good as much money to develop it so it never comes across his good. This one is kind of caught up with rally. I was quite surprised I've not played. Maybe six was the last one I played so picked up eight this week doc and it is very much like dirt rally. No it's the graphics of calls up the handle in is really good this much more deep deep career mode in this one way you actually have to manage your whole life offices and you go through your emails and you have to sign different sponsors and higher different on staff to look after your car in between doing the rallies if you've ever played football manager game like soccer manager is like apple from rallying and what you actually do the rallies you drive the cause so as to see rally. I think on consoles and PC I'm planning to PC version square good. Did you see me play it. No thanks I racing game always would look the same to you the right yes just a cow on a screen as do the other ones. It's like I'm fighting game a war game driving game unless it's telltale yes I haven't telltale should do a racing game but so you fast moving driving and then you it says you WanNa go left or right and then his decision to be made and sounds not fun not no all right so what is for dinner tonight. We're going to be having homemade non chicken burrito where vegetarian overeating because Vegetarians don't starve. We're not all animal freaks in Renato. What do you call them activists some of us. Just don't eat that animals anymore between the two of us. I'm sure in myself more so than you even eight enough dead cows pigs chickens fish in the whole first forty years of my life to kill a horse horse but so we're vegetarian. We've been vegetarian for ten years. I am no skinnier. I'm very round. So I'm quite healthy. You are quite healthy. We have no none of that going on. We just don't eat him so we like to tell people that we're not starving. We're not eating grass and lettuce every day tonight. We're having corn product. It's like Qr in and they make these little bits of like It's made out of a MICA protein gene so it's like little bits of roast chicken. GonNa put it in a Tortilla wrap with some cabbage and corn. What what else did I have awesome to- foodie sour cream sauce sour cream. It's made out of Tofu. We did of another impossible burger. This redid and we'll have another one next week. It was was even better the second you're in love with that yeah. It's really very good for supper. A burrito thingy now also not eating cheese so people will go without. She's not that we don't eat cheese but Julia not necessary. I don't think nice beans. We can put in there. It'll be delicious right. And what is your advice advice. Oh my God when I go to the store I okay I. I am difficult. I don't have any delusions about myself whatsoever. I am allowed mouth a a what do you call. Those people bombastic quite confrontational. I that's how I am and yet when I'm out in public when there are people there and I worked dealing with clerks and people other customers and other people like excuse me I smile. Someone asked me a question. I'll say yes man. They're right over there or whatever you know. You dislike your decent human being. This doesn't seem to be the way people are seriously. I feel like I'm in. I'm in a movie where everyone knows the script and they're all being dick heads and I haven't read it. I haven't read the daily script. I'm like am I out of the loop on this this. What the Hell I told you about the lady I went to get some what I thought we're going to be gromit to make a banner for standing in the row and there's just into the customer lady. She's looking at the same stuff as me and I didn't see them and I said something about. If you ever used gromit seen off the ground mature over here somewhere she looked at me and she looked up and down. What are you using season four and I pointed in my car heads vinyl that I bought some making a banner she goes. I L it's not grits and we never used them before it like that. I'm just like and then she disliked pointed at them Freshman Yeah Orleans. She's feeling so fucking superior because 'cause she knows how to hammer a little piece of metal therapies of fucking material then I got home and I did it and I'm just like okay. I got it but why should have to be such a Dick. I was like thank you could. She did point got them for me but I don't get it. I do not understand absolute hateful snotty yeah no it's vile to me and so yeah my advice to everybody is just stopping dickhead forgotten public. Do the things people did teach hugh to do because it's not like any of us were raised any better. We'll raise the same you learn manners and you learn to be polite and you learn not to be a deck at all the time. I mean I mean it's not even an age thing so don't think that I just think that some people feel the permission to be jerks. Nowadays I don't know why also in the same same-store actually walking around and I heard the lady who was at the checkout clerk lady she was laughing with some customers she's pretty loud laughing laughing and she's waiting on them and the.

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