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I wanna welcome in. I'm doug alley. This is all ball. Quick reminder doug on the show daily pacific mosh portrayal harvard. He left. okay. This is part two of our charles jenkins interview and this is this is where it gets. Don't get me wrong. Is personal story if you want to hear that part one amazing. It's in our catalog. it's two episodes ago. We'll talk about the tragic death of his brother. His move from brooklyn queens. How he became a star at hofstra. But now he's drafted in the nba. He's drafted the golden state warriors. And he's playing with a young steph curry who's oft injured a young monday else. We'll have another pod for the olympic. Stop just want to get to this one. This is my sit down with charles jenkins gameplay for olympia coast last year looking for team and his thoughts on on steph curry an amazing story a couple of mazing stories about staff as a teammate and what he was like in school listen so the warriors warriors and now they they have monty and they have staff right now but but mark jackson's coached. I you get you get to oakland. Would you remember about that. First trip out Meeting there was a lockout so it was. I remember like finally saint. Finally like i wants to happen okay. I got drafted We went onto oakland for like the little press conference and they were saying like you know after today. We can't we can't contact us. So that was a long time on back out there until december and i remember saying like i finally like this is this is starting to become real is now here every day. I'm meeting you know coaches and players. And i'm seeing you know. Create this come in and work. So i'm i just remember being nervous. Of course the. Monte muncie have a personality that you got to kind of get used to Really standoffish if you don't know you But i do remember on durell right so i went to school with the route. He went to summer school in new york and he remembered me. So the i got there he. He knew that i was on a team Someone gave him a whole number. We were like texan the entire time so in south around him i remember feeling a lot more comfortable because it was at least one face that i knew everyone else. I've never met before. Yeah attributes this weird okay. Would you during the laka just worked out. Stay home on. That was about it. I worked out wrong. And i didn't have any money so i spent a lot of that time. No traveling around long island speaking at high schools and camps for like fifty dollars. Because you didn't you didn't get any any any money because guys are all locked out even though you were drafted getting anything no so now you out december you show up at camp. Hey I camp you've been working out The warriors are super super young. At the time. I think richard jefferson was the old head on the team..

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