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Talks will resume Monday morning in Dublin on a plan to form a new coalition government in Ireland after four months of political deadlock all three major political parties are expected to take part each party leader is expected to take turns as prime minister they plan to come up with a stimulus package next month for those most affected by the corona virus pandemic any agreement would have to be ratified by rank and file members from each party at least nineteen people are confirmed dead after a gas tanker exploded in a highway ramp on China's eastern coast NPR's Emily Feng reports videos and photos of the explosion site in China's coastal Zhejiang province show utter destruction the tanker was carrying liquefied petroleum gas when it ignited sending plumes of smoke and flames into the air the force of the oil tankers blast nearly completely demolished several nearby buildings the cause of the explosion is yet unknown in addition to the dead at least one hundred and seventy two people were injured national officials called on traffic police to better monitor vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals a government safety commission called on investigation to be completed within a set time but did not specify what that time period would be I'm only saying and hearing news Beijing the average price of regular grade gasoline rose eleven cents over the past two weeks industry analyst trilby Lundberg puts the average price of two dollars and sixteen cents a gallon she says the increase is due to a rise in crude oil costs the average price of diesel is two dollars and fifty five cents the same as two weeks ago I'm Nora Raum NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the Doris Duke charitable foundation which aims to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting child well being and the environment medical research and the performing arts.

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