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Hit the patrol car. It looks like the driver that was going the wrong way. No injuries there. Looks like the officer involved. Blocked that road to take the direct hit. Looks like a head on was transported to ST Michael's. We're not seeing anything yet of the latest to condition here. Of the officer will keep an eye on them, but preventing what could have been. AH lot worse. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dubbed in later years, the notorious RBG was the second woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court began her tenure in 1993 President Bill Clinton. Appointed her before that she had a celebrated career as an attorney fighting for equal rights for women. She eventually became a cultural icon for women and Americans of all generations. Lots of local reaction to the death of Ginsberg as of yesterday, one of our former law clerks now sharing a profound impact. Civil rights champion had on her own life and career. For this we go to Komal is Joel Marino small and simple gesture for an icon of the legal community. As people gathered the Seattle center toe honor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she really wanted to ensure that every American heavy equal rights viewed by many as the legal architect of the civil rights movement. In 2002. Ginsburg took on a young and aspiring law clerk who is now a professor at the University of Washington. I feel like I couldn't really hoped for much better of a life in the life that she designed and lived. Elizabeth Porter was there is landmark opinions were forged on same sex rites and affirmative action cases. The experience would shape our own understanding of life. The law in the fight for equality that continues to this day. This is a political tragedy for the country, In my view, were deeply polarized place and we're losing an important steadying voice. Ginsberg herself faced discrimination coming out of law school and turned that into a lifelong quest for equality for all Americans. I think she wass absolutely the best sort of patriot. Aside from a storied career, Porter says Ginsberg loved art and music and was surrounded by people She loved. I can celebrate a beautiful Joyous life well lived. Whatever happens next, Professor Porter says she hopes the legitimacy of the Supreme Court doesn't get dragged down by political scheming in the upcoming appointment process. Now Coleman's Molly Shen reading Governor, Jay Anjali statement on Ginsberg's death, saying, We lost one of the greatest American Patriots to ever serve on the U. S. Supreme Court. Until he went on to say Justice. Ginsburg was a public servant who kept America true to its purpose. She never shied away from vigorously dissenting when the court set back the course of justice. Anjali is among the dozens of politicians and celebrities taking to social media to mourn Justice Ginsburg. They also include former President Bill Clinton, who appointed her. Clinton called Ginsberg a magnificent judge on a wonderful person come on his time at 7 19 progress in the fight against two massive fires burning in central Washington. The Pearl fire were told right now 94% contained after scorching more than 223,000 acres. And the Cold Springs fire 85% contained burning more than 189,000 acres. Also reminder. The state Department of Transportation says that highway 12 over White pass when I'll be close to the weekend because of a wildfire burning in that area Department transportation, saying large rocks and other debris now keep falling on the highway. You'll find closure that's eased a pack. Would the state plans to give us an update on reopening? Sometime on Monday afternoon. Come on news time now is 7 20 here on the weekend? We do give you a bell insurance, money and business report for the latest we have. Here comes Kelly Blair. Stocks are ending the week lower as the tech selloff continued on Wall Street. At the closing bell Friday, the Dow Jones industrial Average lost 244 points closing at 27,657. The S and P. 500 dropped 37 points to close at 3319 and the NASDAQ gave up 117 points to close at 10,793. California's unemployment rate fell to 11.4% in August. The Employment Development Department says the state added 101,900 jobs during the month, most for government jobs, including temporary positions for the U. S census. California lost more than 2.6 million jobs in March and April because of Corona virus. The state has regained nearly a third of those jobs. But restaurants and other hospitality businesses have been the hardest hit. The sector lost another 14,600 jobs in August, with Corona virus restrictions still in place across much of the state. Kelly Blier Coma News Just ahead. Cougar football. Husky football. No games this year Not so fast state. You don't feel right. You sleep plenty,.

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