Rhonda Santa, Governor Rick Scott, Mr. Santa discussed on South Florida Morning Show


Ninety for today's highs we have a much better chance as he showers and thunderstorms developing during the afternoon with deep tropical, moisture moving in, heavy downpours at times, because he's informs again on Tuesday Carrots working on news here just told me in a credible joke we can't tell on the working on serious, news what's coming up the today as you said you. Told, everyone and, I had in the news that it's the final data registered to vote for the. Primary victory very, important for this is important stuff on the. Table so the voting will actually take place on August twenty eighth to go to registered to vote Florida dot gov. And you can go ahead and do that remember Republicans vote for Republicans and Democrats vote, for Democrats here in the Florida. It's called a. Closed primary state should never been a fan of really yeah I think Joyce actually had to change your whole party affiliation I've had to do that a number of times So there's a new poll? That reveals the, front runners in. The governor's race again as we said last week Gwen Graham for the democrat side and Rhonda Santa's. For the Republican side you'll be speaking with Mr. Santa's. The congressman on Thursday at five and then tomorrow night of course the president will be stumping, in Tampa for, the Santa's an for governor Scott who I. Think, is going to make clear water he's too busy to show up for. This big rally but heavy there but the pollsters say that the president's, endorsement. Of Santa's is giving him a huge advantage you have to. Figure it it it is Todd bet dad bedtime Got a bad timing for. Adam, Putnam right he is I, think he has more money to but you know Ron is so high, profile he's always on FOX yeah yeah he comes on with you. He talks to the. Media is, so key it really is valuable yeah which is huge we want to. Hear, from him pretty times have we tried to get. Governor Rick Scott on the air and it's not you, know listen I. Think he's done a very good job I've got a blast just doesn't just doesn't do. You think Hillary Hillary would not. Do any radio but, you know Back van we.

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