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On the world's number one job site police in london are standing down after a panic near a metro station oxford circus station end the streets nearby but despite several reports police never found any evidence of shots fired abc's in panel is on the scene longline the police officers clearing the area i just saw i guess pretty 506 um doctors with a machine guns are being up towards also circus but their post you didn't look uh aggressive i mean i've seen that kind of situation where you're at age i'm too euro jim there must get everyone out there it looks reasonably late uh the metropolitan police say they jumped in the action as if the incident were tara but they found no evidence of any shots being fired and no casualties on the scene people in the area told a shower in play bump trapped in stores for a while now they're being told they can leave police are remaining in the area they say reassuring we are the public wide the abc news abc news is brought to you by her home at herman moment her funeral home hoon fair and honest pricing amused are comparing funeral prices online there's a lot to think about ask yourself why if you don't see a general price list because it hermann maier who do display our complete general priceless on our website we welcome inquiries online fall port in person it is important to get the information you need to find the total caused the funeral for more information on her website h h l h m e y e r dot com 500 eased woman in his are downtown spray from the vision media nearby weather center for this black friday afternoon.

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