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The only guy pops in my head. This just makes it bad. But it's hooked up with louis c. k. Loser like that guys like. He's like a famous person. Who's not like astronomically better than i don't think i think i'm on chief cider. I'm on chief side with that. The other way is like john. Stamos is so unattainable where it's like. Ll you got dumped by. john statements. Yeah you're stuck with me. Because john stamos they don't want your ass like it's almost like that so ridiculous that it's funny now now we're getting did you fuck john stamos or john simos go out on a couple dates and he realized he didn't like you. That's different thing because it's like. Are you still hung up on john. Stamos like if it's a thing where it's like we went out. We were in vegas. You wouldn't believe it. Their tables were next to us and we stayed out late. Like one thing led to another like we're going back to me like i ended up like the store. That's a story that's funny. That's like a thing you know but if you're like hey i like john stamos. We matched together on instagram or deemed me and like i met him after a show and i sucked his dick and then we went out for fucking coffee and stuff and now it's gone weird All right john stamos off the board speaking of all this now that the world opening backup so many new thrills around the horizon like possibly being eskimo brothers with john stamos Whether you've been a relationship for years or just getting started or excited to get back out there and meet new people with the moment comes you want to be ready and you ought to be roman. Ready dave rose roaming radio weekend in oria. Oh yeah how did it work out it. Didn't i ready. You weren't texas girls. Come back to the mattress firm. Nah i was in saw the clientele at the bar. We're at you'd know why. By nevertheless i was i was prepared in case that you know stars aligned and.

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