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A week. It's not rocket science. It's my computer career dot e d u All right, 6 46 Brian comes is here and Vote today on a big development project. Yeah, we're talking northern part of over the Rhine. It's ah project that they've called Freeport Row. It's right at liberty and L'm. So if you look you know, two blocks north. There's Finley Market Two blocks south is Washington Park. And it's an area over the rhyme that hasn't seen the kind of development that we've seen back closer to town and a half from the new stadiums and you are right on the streetcar around. I mean, there's ah lot toe toe like developers say about this property. What they want to do now is they have expanded their plans for it, and initially, it was proposed is like 80 to 100 units building. Now it's up to 300 units that would be spread out through a couple of new buildings that would also incorporated a couple of the older buildings in the neighborhood that would be remodeled. And counsel today will take the vote yesterday. If if it's any indication, the Economic Development Committee of Council approved the project over the objections of a number of people in the neighborhood, including some of the community groups who are complaining because they think it it kills a lot of the affordable housing that's there in the neighborhood, and we'll drive more people out. Is it taking many buildings down? I thought they were incorporating them. But they said that I think there's like four existing buildings. That they're using, but they're not going to be used in the same way. Obviously mean rents are going to be anywhere from 1400 up to 2800 month. So that's the objection from the community Councils. It's $80 Million project, probably the biggest private development project ever. In that neighborhood and we've seen, you know tons of development already there a dollar figure attached to what's considered affordable. I'm sure there is, but I don't know. In fact, I'm back with pride here today because they guaranteed that 20 of these units would be subsidized. So whatever Whatever that subsidy would be, whether it's $800 or whatever. It makes the difference between paying the market rate for rent and the subsidized amount, But it could be interesting debate at City Hall. This is one project. That probably more than anything else. That's come up since all the council members were indicted. That could really swing on the people who have replaced. You know, Jeff, Pastor and mind and heart mpg Sittenfeld because you've got you know more conservative, more businessmen minded people who have been put on council We'll see how it goes. Okay, Coming apart is seven o'clock, We will have more on Joe Biden's first full day in office. He says this morning. He has set right away If you concentrate on getting the covert 19 outbreak under control, tell you what he plans and 15 minutes news Radio seven w W You like making money. And you like taking lawbreaking ass hats off the streets. My fucking now's your chance to do both. Good citizen. This is the crime stoppers. Something on 700. W well, jealous, all right? Today is smart mouth punk. Tanisha Bailey, Tanisha Bailey's woman for felony theft of a firearm Today she barely black woman 22 years old 571 28. Anisha has a history of criminal damaging and resisting arrest. Let's go live on Springfield Pike in Woodlawn. Somebody knows where Tunisia Bailey is. And you could get some cash and remain anonymous. You call Crimestoppers 35 to 30 40, or do it online, a crime dash stoppers dot us. You help round up Tunisia. Bailey, you get the money, You remain anonymous, and that's a good deal. Good luck to you. It's coming up on about 10 away from seven o'clock 700. W, well, W and what having Brad Garrett be a little bit later on talking about little crime and punishment and those who attack the capital? And more, but that was some absolute overkill with 35,000. Was a number 35,000 soldiers. At the Capitol. And it's amazing how the number of people who called them stormtroopers of somebody wanted to bring them into Portland or Seattle or anywhere where riots were somewhat ongoing, applauded the fact that finally We have 35,000 stormtroopers. Guarding this not exactly mega event going on on the Capitol, and why is that they were despised before but Embraced. On that particular occasion. I don't know. Yes, I do. Because they wanted to make Republicans look really bad that we needed 35,000 people to guard us because of the evil GOP. All right. So what do we have to be? I'm gonna mention to you that my friends that C M E Zuo Pipe lining. That's what they do. They can fix your Sewer pipe problem from the inside out, so they're not digging up your yard or your parking lot of it's a business of your driveway or whatever they've been doing this exclusively. This is what they do for a living. It's what they were doing for 20 years now. And if you go to CNN pipeline in dot com, to get an idea to as to exactly how this works, and then when the problem rears its ugly, ugly head, sometimes smelly. You would know who to call C m a 67 to 83 0267 to 83 02. I got Andy didn't very fast. Tessa is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. I was pregnant twice, and I had used prescription opioids both times. I knew that this was something I had to stop for the sake of my Children. And for myself, I'm more fulfilled today I ever have been And I know there's more to come if you or someone you know it. Struggling, there is hope recovery is possible visit CDC dot gov slash Rx Awareness All right..

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